Where to stay in Copenhagen when you visit (updated 2023)

published: 2/8/203 | February 8, 2023

Copenhagen is a lively, modern and fun metropolis that is ideal for a weekend getaway or as a base while exploring the region as a whole.

It’s a quiet city of high quality of living, with charming rows of colorful houses, inventive green spaces, quaint canals, and bike lanes galore (there are five times as many bikes as there are cars in the city, and more bikes than people, too).

The Danish capital is very compact and made for walking. Each neighborhood has its own flavor and personality. For this reason, it is important to have an idea of ​​which part of the city you want to plant yourself in while you are here.

To help you decide where to stay in Copenhagen, here are the best neighborhoods—and why I love them—so you can choose the area that best suits your travel style and budget.

But, before I get into the specifics, here are some frequently asked questions I get asked about Copenhagen’s neighborhoods:

What’s the best neighborhood for first-time visitors?
Indre By is one of the most picturesque areas of the city and where there is a lot of action. If you are new to town, this is the best place to stay.

What is the best neighborhood for shopping?
Fredericksburg is an upscale neighborhood with plenty of shops and cafes where you can sit and watch the city go by.

What’s the best neighborhood for a foodie?
Nørrebro is the city’s most diverse neighborhood and is full of delicious treats, from cheap street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

What is the best neighborhood for jazz lovers?
Once a run-down neighborhood, Vesterbro is now lined with chic shops, third-wave cafés, and cool galleries.

What better neighborhood to feel like a local?
Amagerbro is a largely residential neighborhood ideal for enjoying the local pace of life.

What is the best neighborhood overall?
Indre By has something for everyone and it really shouldn’t be missed!

With those questions now answered, here’s a more specific breakdown for each neighborhood – with suggested accommodations for each, so you know exactly where to stay in Copenhagen.

Where to stay in Copenhagen for first-time visitors: Indre By

A woman rides a bicycle near the colorful historic buildings that line a canal in Indre Bei, the historic center of Copenhagen, Denmark

Indre By, also known as Copenhagen Center or Downtown, is the first neighborhood most first-time visitors explore when they set out to discover this city. After all, it’s one of the city’s most picturesque areas, complete with rows of colorful, centuries-old houses on the harbor, medieval streets, a castle, a major art museum (Stätens Museum of the Kunst), Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street, and even a residence. the queen. Tivoli Gardens, the city’s small amusement park, is also located here.

Indre By, literally ‘the inner city’, or as the locals call it, Nyhavn, is the most convenient place for those who want to get a lot on their first visit, since all the main sights are just a few steps away – including Freetown Christiania, the famous town / Microspheres in the city.

The best places to stay in Indri are with:

  • budget: Bedwood Hostel – Housed in a well-preserved mid-18th century warehouse, Bedwood has beds in the bedrooms with electrical outlets and reading lights. The hostel also has a great common room where you can drink beer, coffee and tea, as well as a lovely atmospheric courtyard.
  • medium range: Hotel Bethel – Located directly on the canal in the center of Indre By, Bethel consists of three historic buildings: the red building, the yellow building and the warehouse. Wherever they place you, you are sure to have a comfortable room with a comfortable mattress. Some rooms have a stunning view of the canal. Breakfast is delicious and filling too.
  • Welfare: The Socialist – This luxury property features large rooms – some with great city views – that get plenty of natural light and have marble bathrooms (including plush robes), USB ports, and oversized armchairs.

Where to stay in Copenhagen for shopping: Frederiksberg

People walk past a large walled entrance to a tree-filled park, surrounded by historic orange buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark

If you like a dose of sophistication in your travels, book yourself into a hotel or hostel in Fredericksburg, a neighborhood just west of downtown. High-end clothing stores, theatres, coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, and quiet cafés line the area’s streets. You’ll also find an attractive park, a small castle, and picturesque canals perfect for strolling around at sunset.

Best places to stay in Fredericksburg:

  • budget: CityHub – Located right on the border in Vesterbro, CityHub does offer some perks of being a budget friendly hotel. There’s a sauna, an honesty bar, and the dorms are made up of futuristic (and comfortable) pods.
  • medium range: Scandic Falkoner – Newly renovated, the industrial-chic Scandic Falkoner has a theatrical feel, nodding Frederiksberg’s longstanding reputation for acting. All rooms have comfortable king-size beds, and rooms on the upper floors offer stunning views of the city. The in-house bar and restaurant uses only Danish ingredients.
  • Welfare: Hotel Sct. Thomas – Also nearby in Vesterbro, Hotel Sct. Thomas is the most luxurious hotel near Frederiksberg, just a short walk away. It has a rooftop terrace with great views of the city, and if you book direct, the amazing breakfast buffet is free. All rooms have desks and armchairs, air conditioning and international TV channels.

Where to stay in Copenhagen for foodies: Nørrebro

People riding their bikes on a street lined with restaurants in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark

Northwest of the historic center is Nørrebro, home to the famous Assistens Cemetery, where you can see the tomb of author Hans Christian Andersen (he wrote the little Mermaid And The ugly duckling, among many other noteworthy stories). Nørrebro also happens to be the most ethnically diverse area of ​​the city: take a walk down the street and you’ll hear dozens of different languages.

It’s also home to a plethora of restaurants and cafés, from cool, no-frills spots to Michelin-starred restaurants. If you are not sure where or what to eat, come to Nørrebro and you will be amazed by the rich variety of great restaurants.

Best places to stay in Norrebro

  • budget: Globalhagen Hostel – Awarded for its environmental issues, Globalhagen is a non-profit/NGO property with several types of cozy dorm rooms. The hostel also has a large screening room for watching TV and movies and a full kitchen for guests to use.
  • medium range: Avenue Hotel – On the border of Nørrebro and Frederiksberg, the elegant Avenue Hotel serves a plentiful organic breakfast. It has rooms of various sizes, including small single and large double rooms, all with comfortable beds and quality bathroom products. There’s also a wine happy hour for guests early in the evening.
  • Welfare: Hotel Nora – A few blocks south of the cemetery, Nora has 42 high-ceilinged rooms in an ornate 19th-century building. All of them have refrigerators, electric kettles for making coffee and tea, and air conditioning. Guests can also request Danish or international newspapers in the morning.

Best Places to Stay in Copenhagen for Jazz Lovers: Vesterbro

People walking past people sitting in an outdoor cafe on a tree-lined street in the Westerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark

There was a time when Vesterbro, located west of the historic center and almost hugging the main canal, was a no-go area, and drug dealers roamed its streets. Some of these elements are still there, but today Vesterbro is one of the most iconic places in the Danish capital. The streets are now lined with cutting edge art galleries, hipster bars, third wave cafes (with an emphasis on high quality), and excellent restaurants.

There aren’t a lot of accommodation options in Vesterbro, but what is there – and just across the border in the vicinity – is fine for a few nights.

Best places to stay in Vesterbro:

  • budget: YMCA Interpoint Hostel – This 54-bed hostel in the heart of Vesterbro is a favorite summer home for backpackers. It has every bedroom size imaginable, plus a large communal kitchen and a lively common room for lounging and meeting other travelers.
  • medium rangeHotel Ottilia: Part of the former Carlsberg brewery, Otilia has won several architecture awards for its conversion into a beautiful mid-range hotel. Its rooms have round windows with beautiful city views, large beds, coffee makers, and even exercise equipment. If you upgrade to a suite, the food and beverage options are free.
  • Welfare: Scandic Kødbyen – This stylish and cool new hotel in neighboring Kødbyen is within walking distance of Vesterbro’s best bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The spacious rooms have large, thick and comfortable beds, and some have French balconies.

Where to stay and feel like a local: Amagerbro

Panoramic aerial view of the island of Amager and the Amagerbro district in Copenhagen, Denmark

To the south lies Amagerbro, a sprawling neighborhood with a large residential section. It’s also on the island of Amager, which was once given the nickname “Sheet Island,” because it was where the city’s sewage was deposited.

Today, the sewage is gone, and the neighborhood is one of the most desirable places to live, with the streets lined with cool cafés, restaurants serving elevated Danish cuisine, and unique shops.

Best places to stay in Amagerbro:

  • budget: Hotel Amager – For a budget hotel, Amager has a lot of nice perks, including a large breakfast buffet and a free pint of beer upon check-in. The hotel also has a sports bar.
  • medium range: CPH Studio Hotel – This 149-room property has an unusually large rooftop terrace, the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring. Most rooms have kitchenettes as well.
  • Welfare: Radisson Blu – Part of a reliable and convenient chain, Radisson Blu is located not far from the popular Christiania district. Try to ask for a room on the higher floors to get the most amazing views. The rooms have tea and coffee makers, and the hotel has a large fitness center. There is also an Italian restaurant on the ground floor.


Copenhagen has a lot to see – from Tivoli Gardens to the National Museum of Denmark to Christiansborg Palace to the alternative and hippie-infused neighborhood of Kristiania. With an abundance of charming, beautiful, and laid-back neighborhoods that showcase Danish culture, it’s easy to enjoy Copenhagen, no matter where you choose to stay.

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