Top 10 Slovenia travel tips for a stress-free holiday

Slovenia is a country where one would like to return again and again. Located in Central Europe, it is famous for its lakes, ski resorts and mountains. Lake Bled, which is a glacial lake maintained by hot springs, there is a town of the same name, which has a medieval castle on the side of the cliff and there is also a church on that island. The architecture is filled with a seamless fusion of Baroque facades and 20th century styles that impress everyone. From flowing rivers to aromatic wines, there is a lot to see in Slovenia, for such a small country of around 2 million people a traveler should keep in mind a few tips and things to know before visiting Slovenia.

10 essential tips for traveling in Slovenia

Take a look at the best Slovenia travel tips that you must keep in mind while traveling there to have the most amazing experience that you will remember your whole life and explore what Slovenia is!

1. Lace up those hiking boots

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Slovenia has 7,000 km of scenic terrain set aside for hiking trails. It features a red circle in the middle with white. So, if you are planning to climb some trails, don’t forget to bring your shoes with you. Also, the months from June to September are ideal for hiking. In terms of wallets, remember that although there are public toilets for use in Slovenia but they are not commonly found moreover you have to pay a small fee to use them as well.

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2. If you are a winter surfer

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Winter is the perfect time for many to start their vacations, simply because hotels are getting cheaper there with fewer people around to make the experience crowded. Slovenia is a great travel destination with its warm summers, mild autumns and spring weather; It’s all rounded off by harsh winters. Summer temperatures stay around 20°C during July but drop to 0°C during January.

3. Residence in Slovenia

Slovenia hotels

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There are a lot of options when it comes to lodging here. If you want to save on unnecessary rent, there are cheap camping spots as well. Moreover, this is a great way to stay if you are visiting remote rural areas. But if you don’t want the hassle of a tent, there are bungalows for rent and there are also some basic style bungalows in some locations. If neither of these options appeals and you want to learn more about the country’s people, farm stays could work for you. This is a more practical stay as you will have to help with household chores as well. But if you have the money, rustic guesthouses or upscale hotels are always an option.

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4. How do you explore the country?

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It will be cheaper for you to use public transportation and there are many bus companies that reach different cities across the country. But service tends to be more limited on weekends. As for the trains, they are much slower but there are some steam train services which are great if you want to take in some slow scenic views. But renting a car is actually the best way to explore because it gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of getting to the remote areas. Cycling is also a great way to explore where and when you want.

5. What do you eat and drink?

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Slovenian cuisine is the result of cultural influences from Hungary, Austria and the Balkans as well as from Italy. Most meals are based on meat such as pork and beef. There are also cured meats such as prosciutto and salami. For starters, bread and soup work for a healthy start. If you’re a vegetarian, the options might be a bit narrow for you, but there are popular salads out there and cheesecakes are another thing to try as a non-meat option. Now, coming to drink, Slovenia produces amazing wine. Try the Reds from Primorska region as well as the Whites from Zlata Radgonska Pinina. Pivo or beer is also very popular. Apart from drinks, try Turkish coffee and espresso as well.

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6. Health tips

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  • Take sunscreen, especially one with a high sun protection factor.
  • Lyme disease and other chronic diseases are really common here, so be sure to wear insect repellent and check for ticks while hiking in wild areas.

7. Take the Boeing Railroad to Nova Gorica

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A scenic train route covering the distance from Jesenice to Nova Gorica and the Bohinj Railway allows you to experience it all. In fact, the border between Slovenia and Italy passes through the station car park in Nova Gorica. The place is full of vibrant mountain scenery which is enhanced by the Celeste Sava River.

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8. Lujarska Dolina Landscape Park

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There are some hidden gems in this country and this is one of them. Located near the Austrian border and filled with some houses that are beautifully located amidst the vibrant mountain and surrounded by lush greenery, this park is the best place for adventure lovers. You can walk to the waterfall, bike for a day fee, hang out with your neighbors and more. There is a small park fee, but it’s totally worth it.

9. Walk around the old town of Ljubljana

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Visiting Slovenia and missing out on the capital, Ljubljana, is a big deal. Located right along the Ljubljanica River, you can park your car here and stroll along to explore all the beautiful sites it has to offer. It looks like an ancient city that came out of the same time. There is an ancient castle perched on top of a hill that overlooks it all. Visit Dragon Bridge and Triple Bridge, so named for their distinctive features. The Triple Bridge has three sections that allow you to walk across and the Dragon Bridge is beautifully framed by dragons who are the national mascot of Slovenia. You can go shopping in the old town and enjoy panoramic views from the many parks. There is also plenty to do on the water with tourist boats, kayaking tips and paddle boards offering plenty of options.

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10. Visit a cave

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Slovenia has many caves and these instances served as important caches for military purposes. These natural wonders are spread all over the place, the most visited of which is Postojenská Cave. There are plenty of places to drink and eat, parking is easy, and there are bathrooms. The cave is wet and cold, so wear a jacket with closed-toe shoes, and comfortable too. The entrance is not very scenic so there is a train to take you inside the cave for more good views. The train ride is fun and kids will especially love this experience. Once you enter, there are a lot of formations that could have taken millions of years to painstakingly form. But critters also lurk here, and kids will surely find it amusing to see the human dish at the end of the ride. What is this? It is believed by many to be a salamander that has adapted to life in permanent darkness, where food is scarce.

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Slovenia is full of rural wonders that invite anyone and everyone to come and explore. It is a great country to come on an important trip of the season. So, don’t think too much and plan a trip to Europe, head to Slovenia and consider these tips to have the perfect experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slovenia Travel Advice

What is the best month to visit Slovenia?

May to September is the optimal time to visit Slovenia as you can enjoy a pleasant climate that is ideal for outdoor activities.

What are the best places to visit in Slovenia?

Few of the incredible places to visit in Slovenia are:
1. Maribor
2. Lake Bled
3. Postojna Cave
4. Triglav National Park
5. Lake Boing

What should I know before traveling to Slovenia?

Some things you should be aware of before traveling to Slovenia are:
1. A handshake is a formal way of greeting each other
2. The bicycle is the most convenient and used mode of transportation
3. Slovenians don’t like being late
4. If you are invited to a Slovenian home, be sure to dress modestly.
5. “No, thanks” is the same as “Yes” when ordering food, drink, etc.

How safe is Slovenia for tourists?

Slovenia is quite safe for tourists and the crime rate is very low. The only crime you may encounter is pickpocketing and bag snatching.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Slovenia?

Credit cards such as Master Cards, American Express, and Visa are the most widely accepted cards in Slovenia.

What is the best currency to use in Slovenia?

Since 2007, the Euro is the only currency accepted in Slovenia.

How much cash should I take to Slovenia?

There is no limit to the amount of cash you can take into Slovenia, but if the amount exceeds the equivalent of €10,000, it must be declared at customs.

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