Things to keep in mind on your German trip

Going to Munich? keep this Munich travel advice Easy to turn your trip into a hassle-free experience. Munich, southern Germany’s largest city, is famous for its Oktoberfest – an annual beer festival that brings huge, drunken crowds. However, Munich is much more than just a place where beer is brewed. It is a lively place with a rich history and beautiful sites. Munich is filled with old churches, large gardens and parks and is full of friendly people. Many parts of the city were destroyed during the World War, but it remains one of Germany’s most beautiful cities.

Munich travel advice

Here are some Munich travel tips to ensure you don’t miss a thing when you visit the city.

1. Browse: Where to go

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If you prefer surfing, you can go surfing in Eisbach in Munich. It seems unlikely how a landlocked city could also allow people to surf, but Munich’s Eisbach River has become quite famous for its waves. River surfing was banned until 2010, but now, you can see both professional and non-professional surfers on the river all year round. The waves are created by artificial concrete fractures, so you don’t have to paddle at all.

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2. Transportation


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When in Munich, try not to spend too much on taxis or cars. Although the city loves BMWs and Mercedes cars, most of the people prefer cycling. Munich has excellent public transport links and it accommodates cyclists very well. There are different cycling lanes as well. So, go eco-friendly and take a bike to explore the city. This will also save you a lot of money. You will not need a car

3. Don’t shop on Sunday

No shopping on Sundays

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Although Munich offers plenty of shopping opportunities, you will be sad to know that a lot of the city’s markets remain closed on Sundays. This includes supermarkets and pharmacies as well. If you really want to go shopping in Munich, then this is one of the Munich travel tips that you should keep in mind. In the event of any kind of medical emergency, some pharmacies operate on a rotating basis. Also at the main train station, as well as the airport, are supermarkets for emergencies.

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4. Suburban vibe

Suburban atmosphere

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If you’re visiting Munich, be prepared for a suburban environment. Although it is a city, Munich has earned the nickname Müllendorf. This means “the village of a million”. Even though it is technically an urban area, people still live a small town life. Skyscrapers are located on the edge of the place. Mostly, the city is quiet and peaceful and everyone knows their neighbours. It’s a very comfortable place to be.

5. Language


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The Munich dialect is a bit hard to understand. Even if you speak German fluently, the Bavarian dialect can be very confusing. This is something that even Germans cannot understand very well. However, in most cases, you will find that people understand English. But in any case, be prepared for minor communication problems when you talk to people in Munich.

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6. Hiking

Walking tour

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This is one of the travel tips to Munich, Germany for those who love exploring and hiking. Munich provides quick and easy access to the nearby mountains. If you take a train, you can get to the hiking trail in an hour or so. Most places are safe and well marked. Moreover, there are places where you can get a beer or even enjoy fresh dairy products amidst the mountains. The scenery from these places is breathtaking. So, don’t forget to take pictures.

7. Museums


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Being a historically rich place, Munich is also home to several museums. Entrance fees to museums are very cheap. In some museums, they cost only 1 euro. There are also art galleries, science museums, and even hunting and fishing museums. On Sundays, the entrance fee is often as low as 1 euro. Your visit to Munich will be incomplete if you do not visit these museums. Enjoy the privilege on Sunday.

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8. Bavarians: They can be direct

Bavarians can be quite direct

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This is one of the top tips for visiting Munich that you should keep in mind. Germans are known for being direct. Munich residents are no exception. So, if you’re cycling carelessly, or if you’re walking down a pedestrian path, people will tell you. However, they do not mean any harm. Moreover, these people are also honest. Therefore, if you leave your wallet at a restaurant, someone may run to you to return it. If you drop something on the road, it will probably be there, or handle it off the fence where you misplaced it.

9. Criticism: Carry a lot of it

I carry a lot of cash

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Even if you have a credit card with you, it is best to carry cash. Most supermarkets in Munich only accept EC cards, which are similar to discount cards. Therefore, when you land in Munich, make sure you have enough Euros to cover your daily expenses. Besides having an international credit card, carry enough cash to make small transactions here and there. Don’t keep all your cash in one place. This way you will have a backup if you lose money or get robbed.

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10. Group tours

Group tours

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Munich has a number of group tours that can help you explore and understand the city. Try group tours to learn more about its rich culture and history. Since Munich accommodates cycling very well, you can even take bike tours. These are very popular and you can cover a large area this way. Explore local foods, remnants of WWII, and the monarchy that once existed. You can also check out the famous breweries, the BMW factory, and much more.

11. Visit the castle

Visit the castle

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Germany has a lot of castles. When you are in Munch, you will find a lot of castles in the city and the surrounding areas. These are the places where the Bavarian kings lived. You can take day trips to these castles and even visit the nearby museums, parks, and gardens.

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12. Check out the street art

Check out the street art

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Finally, when you explore Munich, you will find plenty of street art. It can be anything from funky graffiti to large scale murals. There is also a memorial to Michael Jackson located near the city center. It’s a little hard to find as it’s tucked away in alleys and tunnels. But the chase can be very rewarding.

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Consider our Munich travel tips for an unforgettable and hassle-free holiday in Munich. Munich is one of the famous cities in Germany that are visited by tourists in large numbers. And if you are there around the time of Oktoberfest, you are in for a treat.

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Frequently asked questions about Munich travel advice

How many days should I spend in Munich?

Three to four days are enough for sightseeing in Munich. However, if you plan your itinerary well, all places of interest can be covered in 2 days.

What is the best way to get around Munich?

Many of the tourist attractions are close to each other, so the best way to get around Munich is on foot. However, if you get tired, one can always opt for public transportation – buses and trams.

What are the famous tourist places in Munich?

Some of the tourist places to visit in Munich are: 1. The New Town Hall 2. Viktualienmarkt 3. Olympiapark 4. The Frauenkirche

Is Munich safe at night?

Munich is a safe city for travelers in terms of kidnapping and other dangers. You can travel freely in the city at night, but it is better to avoid visiting some areas at night. s. Is Munich safe at night?

What is the official language in Munich?

German is the official language in Munich. English is widely spoken due to the presence of non-German tourists from all over the world.

What should I buy in Munich?

If you want to enjoy shopping in Munich, here are some things you should definitely buy: 1. Brotzeit (Marzipan order) 2. Heilemann chocolate 3. Traditional clothing and accessories 4. Beer Stein from the Hofbräuhaus 5. Eilles Tea 6. Lebkuchenherzen

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