These 8 Sofia travel tips will help you get around like a local

Traveling to any part of the world today is not just about booking a good hotel and going to a site to see more. Tourism today involves a lot. Travel experience is a valuable outcome that everyone looks forward to. Every tourist wants to go somewhere where they can have a lot of fun without any undue hassle. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations based on its culture, climatic conditions, and terrain that travelers need to be aware of. So it is very important to know the aesthetics of a travel destination. Apart from that, one must be prepared to face any kind of adverse circumstances and make the most out of your vacation plan. This article will provide you with some top Sofia travel tips. take a look!

Top 8 tips for traveling in Sofia

For you to have an easy and comfortable trip, these Sofia, Bulgaria travel tips are crucial. Whether you’re taking public transportation or going shopping, we’ve got you covered. Read on to explore these excursions and make the most of your trip to Sofia this time around.

1. Use Sofia’s public transportation system

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Among other things, the city has an excellent transport system. You can travel around the city by metro, buses and trolleybuses. You can also make use of the tram to travel across the city. Most of the major attractions of the city are within walking distance, so take a walk and visit these places. The city’s metro system is the best – it connects downtown to most other parts. It also has a direct line to the airport. The price of each ticket for any type of transport, except for buses, is 1,60 BGN. You can also benefit from a 3-day pass for all lines. It is a popular choice among all the visitors who come here. The package offer here in town is very useful for traveling.

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2. Use their local official apps

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It’s not uncommon for a Google Map to fail to show you how to navigate a place. Given the situation, you’d better try the official website of the Urban Mobility Center. If you are not satisfied with that, then go for the MoveIt app which will help you get around the city faster. In the unlikely event that everything is going against you, be sure to ask people for directions as they will be happy to help you get around the city. Also, since there is sure to be a language barrier, try to learn basic Bulgarian. This way you will at least be able to ask for general directions

3. Be careful with parking


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If you plan to drive around town, make sure you are familiar with the parking system in the country. They have two parking areas – the red one and the blue one. They both have different prices and to pay the hourly rates you have to send an SMS with your car’s license plate to 1302 for the blue zone and 1303 for the green zone. The rules about parking are very strict here, so you need to be careful, you can get a big fine if you don’t remember the Sofia parking system. Worst case scenario, your car could be impounded.

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4. Plan your trip between May and October

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The best time to travel to Sofia is from May to October. This is the best time to travel and the weather is very suitable for hiking and going trekking. However, if you are a fan of attending the various festivals that take place here, then come during the winter season. Also, from May to October, the tourist season remains at its peak, and to avoid crowds, you can always come a little earlier or later than the best months to visit Sofia. Come and visit Sofia during the new year. This is definitely one of the best Sofia travel tips.

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5. Stay at Vitosha Boulevard to experience the best in hospitality

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Those who are not traveling on a strict budget can go for the luxury hotels on Vitosha Boulevard. These are beautiful hotels that you would love to stay in. Apart from this, you will also come across many mid and lower priced hotels but away from Vitosha Boulevard. These are very nice and low prices. You will also find many cafes and restaurants which are very suitable for all budget travelers. Not only that, the boulevard is close to many sightseeing hotspots, so make sure you don’t miss it.

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6. Sunday is usually a holiday for sellers


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It is very important to keep store timings in mind when you go shopping. All shops in Sofia will be open from 10 am to 10:30 am and no later than that. Shops are open from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Saturdays are half a day in town and every shop owner enjoys Sunday off. You should plan your shopping trip according to this schedule to get the best shopping experience here. While shopping, one must be careful of what you buy. Make sure you go where the locals are crowded. When you are in Sofia, be sure to pay attention to the original handicrafts, local wines and traditional sweets of the city.

7. Try Shopska in Sofia

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There are many restaurants dotted around the city that serve all cuisines. They range from high-end restaurants to pocket-friendly restaurants. Be sure to taste the traditional Shopska Sofia. It is a salad and meat dish cooked over an open fire. It can also be served cold with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers topped with plenty of cheese. Also, a lot of different spices can be added. Make sure to try these guilt-free delicacies here. In fact, it is the most famous food in the city and thus a must-try.

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8. Don’t miss the Royal Palace

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Be sure to go to the royal palace. Today, apart from being the seat of the royal family, it hosts two prominent cultural institutions of the country – the Ethnographic Museum and the National Art Gallery. Banya Bashi Mosque located in Sofia is another place you should not miss. It is famous for its Turkish architecture. Take a trip to the Ivan Vasov House Museum. It is the famous author’s home that has been opened to the public. Literature lovers must visit this place.

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As you walk away from the buildings and streets, you are sure to come across vast parks and manicured gardens that will offer you a respite after a long day of site seeing in Sofia. Beautiful ski slopes and hiking trails are a bus ride away from town. While Sofia has a lot to offer, these are some of the best Sofia travel tips that you’ll need when you’re touring the city. As such, you should add Sofia to your itinerary for a holiday in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions Sofia Travel Advice

What can you do in Sofia?

Some of the things to do in Sofia are: 1. Visit St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and St. George Rotunda. 2. Walk to the black peak of Vitosha 3. Learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Bulgaria at the synagogue

Is Sofia safe?

Central Sofia is safe but one should take care of their belongings when traveling in Sofia.

What is Bulgaria famous for?

Known as the ‘Land of Roses’, Bulgaria is famous for its natural beauty.

What currency is used in Sofia?

The currency used in Sofia is the Bulgarian Lev.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Sofia?

Yes, the tap water is safe to drink in Sofia and one is advised to carry a bottle to fill it up where possible.

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