Long weekend travel calendar 2015

Most years are filled with three- and four-day weekends, but 2015 is indescribable.

9 days of Diwali bumper break, long weekends almost every month and 58 days of vacation, you can definitely explore a lot more than you ever imagined!

The only trip calendar you need for the year! Our long weekend travel list for 2015 is here:

No January! I wonder why? Well, with Obama coming to India, we thought we should all show some patriotism! ☺

1. Romance in February

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February 14th (Saturday) | February 15th (sun) | Feb 16th (skip work) | February 17th Follow Favorite

To where: Gulmarg / Mahabaleshwar / Udaipur / Hampi

Wind in the last few days of snowfall and explore Gulmarg with your partner. Go skiing and make this long weekend a totally romantic getaway!

Gulmarg too far? Explore Mahabaleshwar for strawberries, Ambrai, Udaipur for a romantic date, Hampi for legends, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary for unique species of migratory birds.

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2. The Hidden Colors of the March (In the Mountains)

Rohtang mountain pass in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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March 6th (Holly) | March 7th (Saturday) | March 8th (sun)

Hit the road in March and let the views transport you! Let the breeze guide you to the tunes of joy and the road guide you to the paths of discovery. Experiment with hidden colors nearby!

To where: Manali / McLeod Ganj / Coorg / Mussoorie

We took a trip to Manali for you! Not accessible? do not worry! Trek to the Mcleodganj Hills, travel to Coorg to catch white coffee flowers in bloom or visit Mussoorie for spring. But don’t sit at home!

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3. Basic Symbols of the Beginning of April – (Part 1)

Bhutan Temple, located in the slope of the upper Paro Valley

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April 3 (Good Friday) | April 4th (Saturday) | April 5th (sun) | April 6th (skip work)

To where: Bhutan / Nepal

Going internationally is not as expensive as you thought! With Bhutan and Nepal so close to the Indian border, their alluring land is sure to be worth a once-in-a-lifetime visit. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or with that special someone, these two countries can definitely sweep you off your feet.

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4. Wild Adventures – April (Part 2)

Watch lions in the Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat, India

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April 11th (Saturday) | April 12th (sun) | April 13th (skip work) | April 14th (Ambedkar Jayanti / Tamil New Year)

To where: Gir National Park

Visiting a national park with kids is always on the family’s bucket list, and the April long weekend begs you to explore one! Spot the ‘King of the Jungle’ in the month of April at Gir National Park – the only place in India with lions.

Do we hear you say he’s far away? There are plenty of other parks too – Jim Corbett, Kanha National, Bandhavgarh and many more. Find one in your area now!

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5. Lazy May

Valley of Flowers, a journey to paradise in Uttarakhand

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1 is permissible (Labor Day / Maharashtra Day) | May 2 (Saturday) | May 3 (sun) | May 4th (Buddha Purnima)

To where: Valley of Flowers, Utrakhand

A World Heritage Site, visiting this flowering valley is a journey to paradise and back. Too far for you? Then go dolphin watching, snorkeling in the waters of Tarkarli, or explore the beaches of Alibaug. You can also drive through the Mumbai-Kolhapur-Goa highway and relax with your friends or half as you walk alongside the sandy beaches.

6. August renewal

Luxury beach restaurants on Praslin Island in the Seychelles

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Aug 15th (Saturday) | Aug 16th (sun) | August 17th (skip work) | Aug 18th (Persian New Year)

To where: Sri Lanka / Kerala

It is the middle of the year and Sri Lanka invites you to a much needed respite from work, pressures and deadlines. An ideal destination to relive your honeymoon days or an ideal island for a much needed family bonding break, Sri Lanka is a luxurious getaway at an affordable cost.

For those who want to stay within the borders of India – Kerala is the place to be. Go on an Ayurvedic space ride to Kovalam, raft in the backwaters of Alleppey, and get ready to enjoy the forests of God’s country.

Plan your trip to Kerala or Sri Lanka today with TravelTriangle.

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7. Autumn in India – September

Deluxe Autumn Trail - Watch nature change its colours

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September 17th (Ganesh Chaturthi) | September 18th (skip work) | September 19th (Saturday) | Sept. 20 (sun)

To where: Dharamshala / Coorg / Ooty / Kodaikanal

Do you want to visit a very quiet and very romantic road? Head to the Himalayas this fall and watch nature change its colours. Stop by the teahouses for some tea and maggi and camp out on the hills on open nights with friends, songs, rum and bonfires. This definitely can be an unforgettable trip.

For those who live in the South, you can never run out of places. Choose from Coorg, Ooty and Kodaikanal – trek into the hills in nice weather, light that fire and sing along forever.

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8. Free Streaming for the month of October

Raft along the fast-flowing waters of the Ganges in Rishikesh

Oct. 2 (Gandhi Jayanti) | Oct. 3 (Saturday) | Oct. 4 (sun)

To where: Rishikesh

3 days, a few friends, some adventure. get the picture? Yes, Rishikesh is where you need to be in October. Float along the fast-flowing waters of the Ganges and try “Hello to the Queen” – a delicious dessert available only there.

Have you visited Rishikesh often? Try Kamshet for paragliding or Auli for skiing.

9. October Shubahlik

Enjoy street shopping and delicious street food on your weekend getaway

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Oct. 22 (Dussehra) | 23 Oct (skip work) | Oct. 24 (Saturday) | Oct 25th (sun)

To where: Delhi / Singapore / Bangkok

Who says no to shopping? And what could be better than returning with a bag full of joyful smiles from the delights of bargaining and delicious street food in Delhi? Adding to the dish is the city’s pleasant weather. Wasn’t there before? Plan now!
Oh, are you from Delhi itself? Well, why not go international? Plan a trip to Singapore or Bangkok for an incredible shopping experience.

Plan your trip to Singapore or Bangkok today with TravelTriangle.


El Nido Islands, Palawan, Philippines

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November 7th (Saturday) | November 8th (sun) | November 9th (Dhanteras) | November 10th (Naraka Chaturdashi/Scapework) | November 11th (Diwali) | November 12th (Balipratipada / Skip Work) | November 13th (Bahidog) | November 14th (Saturday) | November 15th (sun)

To where: Philippines / Andaman

9 days in a row! The number of days is a strong enough reason to plan a trip. And what could be better than venturing out on a budget exploring the Philippines? Jump off cliffs or drive along winding roads, bathe in the sea or stay close to nature, and don’t do anything yet to get the most out of it!

Lots of international? Andaman is the place for you. Dive in the Havelock Islands or walk on the white sandy beaches, dance with the tribes and savor seafood!

Plan your trip to Andaman today with TravelTriangle.

11. A wonderful end to December

Go international to celebrate the New Year with spectacular fireworks

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December 24th (Birthday) | December 25th (Christmas) | December 26th (Saturday) | December 27th (sun)

To where: Hong Kong

Sunburn is a cliché – it’s time to push the boundaries of Goa! Go International – Try Hong Kong or Bangkok this Christmas, and if you’re lucky, extend this trip to kick off the new year.

Plan your trip to Hong Kong or Kerala today with TravelTriangle.

Inspirational travel quote by a traveler

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Pictures may inspire you, but a trip to the destinations you imagine is what you want to remember forever. Life does not wait and trust me, you may not be so lucky next year! With so many days on hand, so many places to choose from based on your budgets and TravelTriangle planning support forever, start hitting the arrows on your map.

When was the last time you went on a long weekend trip? Share your long weekend plans with us or tell us about the coolest long weekend you’ve had.

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