List of 12 top tips for backpacking in Thailand

Thailand! The name says it all. From stunning beaches, islands, bustling beaches, temples and monasteries to exciting water sports, spa and massages; Thailand is proud of it all. Needless to say, with all this, Thailand has become one of the top destinations among tourists of all kinds. Not just for family vacations and honeymoons; It is also famous for a soul-stirring experience Backpacking in Thailand Single.

12 essential points for backpacking in Thailand

If you are backpacking in Thailand, head to some of the unexplored and offbeat places here. But make sure you plan and prepare well. No matter how popular and traveler-friendly Thailand is, when it comes to solo travel, here are some tips one should keep in mind before planning a trip to Thailand.

1. Reservations: Advance reservations help with the budget

When you are planning a trip in Thailand, be sure to budget for backpacking in Thailand for everything. There are many flights to Thailand, but to avoid skyrocketing airfares at the last minute, plan ahead and book one of the best budget airlines for travel. Not only for traveling from your home country, but also for domestic travel in Thailand, booking on low-cost airlines like Air Asia and Thai Smile is the next best thing and the best thing to do.

2. Accommodation: Staying in a hostel

Hostels in Thailand

Ditch all the fancy beach hotels and resorts and book into one of the best hostels in Thailand to experience a vacation like never before. Not just homey comfort and amenities, these hostels in Thailand promise you the chance to mingle with fellow like-minded travelers as well. Some of the popular hostels in Thailand are Dreamcatcher, Siamaze, Old Town Hostel, Hangover Hostel, Blanco Hostel, Southern Fried Rice, and Baan Kamala Fantasea Hostel. Book your stay there and explore the city just like the locals.

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3. Culture: Learn their manners

Thai girls in traditional clothes

Thailand has a long list of social etiquette and the entire country is sensitive to it. Locals of all age groups abide by these social norms and expect tourists to do the same. Some of the basic etiquette that you must know while traveling in Thailand are:

The head is the holiest part of the body, so don’t touch anyone’s head. Even children find it disrespectful. Likewise, the foot is the lowest part of the body, so it is considered more vulgar to touch anyone who has the same.

  • Do not speak impolitely of the King in public, for he is much loved by all the citizens.
  • Wai is a famous Thai gesture. This is a form of folding of hands like worship and bowing. Wai is used to greet a person. So, when a local does the same to you, please return the same.
  • Remove your shoes and cover your head with a robe while entering a sacred place.
  • Every day, at 8 am and 6 pm, the national anthem is played in public. Like the locals, you should also stand up wherever you are to be respectful of the country.

4. Food: Enjoy street food

Street food in Thailand

Speaking of backpacking tips in Thailand, food cannot be ignored. Like many other countries, Thailand also has a wide range of tasty and tasty street food options, which are also easy to come by. From Pad See Eiw, Kluay Tod, Kha Kha Moo and Sai OOah to different Thai curries and noodles; The streets of Thailand’s cities have it all. But if you are allergic to something or have any preferences, it is recommended that you ask the food vendor to customize the food accordingly beforehand.

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5. Luggage: The right light pack


The top tip for backpacking in Thailand is to travel light. You should buy a light backpack and keep only the essentials for backpacking in Thailand, which includes earplugs, eye masks, hand sanitizers, essential medicines, sunscreen slippers, light clothing, umbrellas, hats, sarong, travel adapter, flashlight, shoes Walking. Thailand enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. It is always hot and humid. You will never need woolen clothes there. Therefore, do not overload your suitcase with warm jackets, fancy clothes and matching shoes. Don’t forget to carry your underwater camera, as you will get a wide field of shooting underwater.

6. Transportation: Take advantage of public transportation

When you’re backpacking in Thailand, try to embrace public transportation as much as possible. When exploring a particular city, Tuk Tuk is an excellent option while if you are traveling from one city to another, the best option is to travel by the government-run Thai bus service called Baw Khaw Saw. These bus services are regular and reliable and almost every city has a BKS station. To avoid the last minute rush, it is advised to book your tickets in advance.

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7. Connectivity: Rent a local Sim

Public transport

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Staying online while on a backpacking vacation is non-negotiable, and in the case of Thailand, the best approach is to rent a local SIM, rather than international roaming plans. Get a one-month local data plan and enjoy hassle-free calling and data usage for maps and directions. You can also use tablets and laptops. Just try to keep in touch with your family or friends and let them know from time to time where you are.

8. Prices: Hard bargaining

Backpacking in Thailand

Whether it’s the Tuk Tuk fair or shopping for souvenirs, bargaining is the mantra in Thailand. Don’t accept what the shopkeeper is asking and suggest the price that suits you. It’s always impressive and better, if you can learn a little Thai. This will surely make the entire negotiation process easy and efficient. Haggling really helps to keep your trip within your budget and also get you the best deals.

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9. Nightlife: Adhere to safety tips


Thailand is known for its best nightlife scene which is something you must not miss during your backpacking trip to Thailand. Whether it is Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket; Every place has the best lounges, bars, dance clubs, and discotheques and exploring these places is the best way to enjoy an unforgettable nightlife. First, if you are alone, do not explore isolated places at all. Stay in the tourist places where the police patrol all night. Never get drunk, do drugs, and never leave your drink unattended. Also check the dress code rules of the place you plan to visit. Many bars and clubs do not allow casual dress.

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10. Cash: A travel card and cash on hand

Thailand money

Plan a budget in the beginning and try to stick to it. Use international travel cards instead of a debit or credit card during various transactions. International travel cards are issued by leading banks in India, with pre-loaded foreign currency as per your budget and unlike debit and credit cards, they waive transaction fees, while using them in foreign countries.

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11. Insurance: Get travel insurance

travel insurance

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Trave insurance may seem like a waste of money but it is the wisest decision you can make before backing up in Thailand. Travel insurance provides you with coverage from theft, accidents, and hospital bills so that you don’t have to deal with all these things on your vacation if something happens to you. Before you leave, browse the best travel insurance that covers major accidents that can happen on a trip.

12. Health: Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

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This one is very important. Don’t get so caught up in the sightseeing that you forget to keep hydrated. Always keep a bottle of clean water with you and consume enough fluids. Apart from water, have fresh coconut water and smoothies to replenish nutrients and fiber. This is especially true when you are at the beach.

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This list of essential tips for backpacking through Thailand can help you travel to Thailand in a budget-friendly and hassle-free way. If you want to save yourself some hassle, then let us help you create your own personalized Thailand vacation.

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Frequently asked questions about backpacking in Thailand

What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand?

The period between October to February is the cheapest month to travel to Thailand.

How much does a meal cost in Thailand?

An average meal in Thailand costs around 90-150 baht which means a plate of noodles in a basic restaurant.

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