How to travel in India on a budget?

Young and restless? Want to travel in India on a budget? But, is there a decrease in cash flow? Don’t worry! We’ve put together tips and tricks to help you travel between and within countries as cheaply as possible. We are sure that this will save you a lot of time and money, and make your trip stress-free!

How to travel in India on a budget?

For travelers on a tight budget, be sure to keep this guide handy and save some bucks as you set out to explore your dream destination in India.

are you ready? Let’s Begin!

1. Hacked airline tickets – the cheapest flights

We always have the perception that airline tickets are fixed and usually expensive. incorrect! Read on to find out.

  • Book early: Always book tickets 6-8 weeks before the trip, this will always save a lot of money for you.
  • Look for last minute ticketsLast minute tickets, if available, are always cheaper. Order it on your airport/air provider websites and you have the cheapest flight to fly.
  • Buy refundable tickets: This always helps. If you miss your flight, cancel your plan or happen to find a cheaper ticket at the last minute, refund your previous value and save.
  • Do not try to reload the same page to get airline tickets or use an incognito window: Each site tracks the number of clicks and page viewers. If you ask for the same prices again, they may raise the prices. Using an incognito window ensures that your original searches and bids cannot be tracked.
  • Free credits can get you a free ticketAir India is always preferred for free credits. Spicemax offers premium seats starting at just Rs. 500. GoAir gives you free points every time, like their Facebook page for the latest discounts. Buy products from their partners online to get credits that can lead to a free ticket.
  • flights with stops: Take connecting flights without any second thought, non-stop flight is very expensive.
  • Fly at a cheaper priceFlying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is always a bad idea. Traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday saves a lot of dollars. Airline tickets are cheaper for odd travel hours (early morning or late night), but it’s inconvenient.
  • New airlines are the cheapestFollow the social media sites of GoAir, Spicejet, Indigo and AirIndia. Spicejet has launched new innovative services namely SpiceFlex, Spicemax and Bag Out at cheaper rates. Air Asia, Air Carnival and Zav Airways which are limited to some cities, but they are newer airlines that are cheaper.
  • Tracking and booking: Use the Prize Wallet to keep track of balances and cheap tickets. Use Skyscanner, Kayak to compare airline tickets. They help you choose the airline that offers you maximum comfort at the lowest price.

2. IRCTC Platform – How to Get a Railway Ticket (For Sure)

Here are some of the smarter ways to break perceptions associated with Indian Railways. And trust me, nothing could be cheaper than this!

  • Buy a general ticket for short distances: buying tickets in general for the cart is cheaper than others. If you’re not obsessed with comfort, go for it.
  • Entitlements for women and the elderly: If you are a woman and traveling alone or with children, you have reserved berths and additional discounts. Seniors also get discounts of up to 40% on the fare.
  • What do you do when all seats are reserved?: Unable to find tickets to your destinations? Then you can book a ticket for yourself in the queue – the passenger can travel on the train, but he does not have a platform designated in his name, inconvenient but convenient for short distances. Or if it’s an overnight trip, book a RAC ticket – one traveler shares his bed with another traveler.
  • Tatkal tickets: If last minute trips don’t come cheap, book yourself a Tatkal ticket.
    noteTATKAL TICKET FOR POPULAR DESTINATIONS Difficult to get. Refer to the hacks below to book and make sure you can book one for yourself.
  • using more than one system: Use 2 or 3 laptops/computers to book tickets faster. Create different accounts and try to log in at 10:00 am to access selected seats in Tatkal area.
  • Helps recovery: Use the refresh button again and again which will load the pages very fast. Just make sure you have a fast internet connection. It is never recommended to use the refresh button during payments.
  • using the app: IRCTC app is faster than the website, download and login in advance.
  • using the pre-filled form: Everyone is worried about the seats at peak time. The pre-packaged form is a crack you all want to use. Use tools like Magic Autofill or AutoFill IRCTC extension. Look at the video to understand the steps.

3. Hew A Car Ride – A relaxing ride

Choose coupons from Grabon
  • Car sharing to save money: Share vehicles using Tripda with cheap and best cars in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.
    noteDrivers are provided for safety and convenience.
  • world approach: Blah Blah Car has always worked car sharing with transit cities in the world. Now, it is available in India too but in limited cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.
  • freestyle ride: For the current scenario, download the Ola app and TaxiForSure for the first two free rides. Download their app to take advantage of the ride. This applies within cities only.
  • Use apps: Always use the app to book a taxi, you may get a free ride. Calling and booking a taxi is always expensive and keeping track of your way around is also difficult.
  • Buy credits for free: You can add credits to your wallet, and you can get a free ride by simply sharing the taxi providers app link.

They have now started a new ride-hailing facility that saves around 50% of your money. Try it with Ola and Uber.

  • Local Hack (take a lift): Give a hand to commercial taxi vacancies in Ola, Meru, Quickcabs and TaxiForSure. They take to smaller routes without tracking the fare and are therefore cost effective.
  • Use coupon codes: Use to get voucher codes for taxis. Subscribe and follow their pages for more offers.

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4. Reducing car rental fares

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You don’t need a driver, do you want to drive by yourself?

  • Drive yourself: A car can be rented for only 300 rupees for 12 hours by logging on to or
  • Crossing between cities is cheaper: If you want to get around Mumbai, Pune and Goa, go to
  • coupons on the goVisit the site for the latest discounts on car rentals at Shoppirate. in.

5. Great bike handling

Rent a bike from Rentomojo

Cars are not for you? Then simply rent a bike!

  • Scooter rental: Rent a motorbike at just Rs 350 per day from available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi. The trip is great for people who want to explore the city on their own. You can bring someone with you to share the expenses.
  • Long bike ride: Rent a bike at the cheapest price on Indiabiking tours (you can rent 350cc bikes too). You can choose other higher cc bikes at good prices.
  • luxury bike ridersThinking of an affordable luxury bike? Then visit Wickedride. You can rent famous bikes that you aspire to ride.
  • Healthy cycling: Traveling within the city on a bike really helps with sightseeing and can add to your fitness regime while traveling. Rent a cycle from In Delhi, you can rent a bicycle for the price of Rs. 10 at Mg Road metro station and Vishwavidyalaya metro station.
  • Rent and search for moreStoneheadbikes gives you options to rent bikes and accessories and book motorcycle tours on the portal. Something less expensive is on its way.

6. Hop on public transportation

Download shuttl app to get free rides
  • local trains: Mumbai locals are the most popular mode of transportation. The whole city uses the locals to commute. Monthly passes are available for the cheapest crossing.
  • metro railsThe metro is a cheaper and faster way to travel. In areas where the locals are not spread out, the metro plays a very major role. In cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kochi. Use metro cards for cheaper travel.
  • Bus connection: This is not the speed of the locals or the metro. You can choose from low floor, Volvo or AC buses. Bus tickets are available for regular buses, but AC buses do not provide these facilities. The cost of these passes varies depending on the state you are traveling to.
  • Group transfer services: Ola has started shuttle services in Gurgaon and Bangalore at just Rs 15. Shuttle also provides shuttle services at 15 rupees with AC services. Shuttl is giving away the first five rides for free at the moment. Like shuttl is available in Delhi, rBusis is available in Mumbai. You can even request a lift from LiftO.

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7. Affordable car rides

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  • Shared cars: India shared cars known as the Grameen Seva, which can help you cover shorter distances very cheaply.
  • Electronic rickshawThese carts are battery operated and shared. They cover shorter distances, and are affordable and comfortable as well.
  • the carsThere are several apps that can help you rent a car based on your location. G-Auto is a government run service that provides you low cost and safe cars. It is available in Ahemdabad, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Surat. is available in Pune 24×7 to provide you with their services. In Chennai, Autoraja can be of great help. Magadi can help you to get a car in Bangalore. Jugnoo, which started recently in Delhi, offers car services with three free rides to new users. Ola cars are also useful in many states.
  • Coupon guideThere are a number of coupons available for free or discounted rides. Coupondunia and grabon are of great help. Visit the respective websites to request discounts.

8. Planning to cover a lot of cities on your trip to India?

Compare and combine flights, trains and buses in one search. Plan your trip easily and in the cheapest way possible. Log in to, Zophop, and Ridlr. These apps are available in almost every city.

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