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Vineet Malhotra visited Kerala and came back with the perfect travel tips for future travelers. Went on a six day tour with his wife and son by booking a package through TravelTriangle. His package included Taxi and driver, hotel accommodation, overnight boat stay, local tours and breakfast all for a total of INR 17,500 for the whole family.

While going through one of those popular stories about a guy who quit his job to travel, I wondered if I’d do it myself. As much as I love reading about inspiring travel accounts, I choose not to be one of them. I am a married man with one child and travel has found new meaning in my life now.

I travel to quench my thirst for natural beauty and landscapes. I travel to make sure my five year old son doesn’t miss a thing. I am in awe of solo travelers, opting out of the corporate rat race to pursue their dream of travel, but for me, travel is so much more than that. I think everyone is a traveler, and everyone has a story to tell.

I try to make the most of my time by covering at least all the places near me. My wife works in a nationalized bank which means she travels a lot. I accompany her with my two children and turn it into a family trip. Each new location on which they are posted opens new doors to satisfy our hunger for travel.

Kerala call!

Vinit at a tea plantation in Munnar

Kerala is on every nature lover’s bucket list, so no doubt it was a part of me too. After weiled ourselves into the monotonous 9-6 routine for some time, we knew it was time to pamper ourselves. We were heading towards Kerala.

I I am a calculating person And I make sure my trips are well planned and don’t dig a hole in my pocket. My travel plans are usually random and I take these breaks often, so budget is a very important item for me. With this in mind, I searched for the best and most cost-effective package. My search led me to I’m a little Hesitant about online payments Thus wasn’t very sure about making a reservation. I Check reviews And they were It’s all positive. for me The agent reassured me and established a relationship of trust By agreeing to my claim from Divide the payment into two installments. I was finally convinced.

The package is booked, the bags are ready and now it is time for the much awaited Kerala tour.

Day 1 – Munnar: Land of Dreams, Ayurvedic Massage and much more

A beautiful lake in Munnar, Kerala

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We arrived in Kochi in the morning and were greeted by the renewed freshness of the tea gardens. Our train was delayed and our phones were out of reach for a few hours, but when we reached Cochin, we saw the driver waiting patiently for us. Once our phone restored signal strength our agent Anoop also called us to make sure our driver was there to escort us to our hotel.

Vineet visit to tea plantation in Munnar

I prefer riding my own car on my travels. I Anoop suggested that I like to drive but because it was a bit expensive that Book a taxi will turn out to be Cheaper and more convenient travel in Our own car. We had a driver and a taxi with us for the duration of our trip. the The driver was a photographer, which was a plus. We arrived at our Las Palmas hotel in Divipolar. It was a great hotel, very comfortable and beautiful.

Dreamland in Munnar

Then we went to Dreamland, which was an amazing experience. It gave us what we were looking for, natural beauty at its best! Dreamland was followed by a visit to Ayurvedic massage centre. The whole experience was blissful and every person who travels to Kerala should visit it. Then we went back to the hotel, enjoyed the fire, ate the amazing food that was served at the hotel and called it the day!

Day 2 – Munnar: Explore the wild side of Kerala

Vinit enjoys elephant riding with family in Munnar

After breakfast, we went to the waterfall and tea plantations. The tea plantations were just beautiful. After it’s time for a safari jeep. We went through the jungle and had a close encounter with wild animals.

Tea plantation in Kerala

This was thoroughly enjoyed by my son who was very interested in wild animals. We also went on the elephant ride which cost us INR 400 per person and an extra INR 300 to get our pictures clicked. So, in total, we paid INR 1,500. It was an unforgettable experience for my kid and hence I didn’t mind paying a little extra. Then we went back to the hotel and had dinner (Food is great in Las Palmas) And he retired today.

Day 3 – Thekkady: A perfect recipe for a memorable day

Beautiful Thekkady

On our third day, we left for Thekkady. We stopped by the spice garden where we were shopping for spices and oils. The good part about The driver was he took us to government stores, whose prices were subsidized and the quality of things was very good. We had booked several packages through other agents but noticed they were taking us to shops where they had their own discounts which drove up the prices so our driver’s gesture was greatly appreciated by me.

Son of Venetians enjoys performing martial arts

We checked into our hotel, Sandra Palace at around 1:30pm. Excited to explore the beautiful city, we threw our bags in our room, freshened up a bit and left for Periyar Lake in 15 minutes. We wasted no time as it closes at 5:00pm and we didn’t want to miss out on this experience.

We got there and booked a boat (we had the last boat for the day) which we took on One and a half hour trip. We passed rich biodiversity, and experienced the enchanting charm of endangered flora and fauna. The thick green belt formed a canopy over our heads, and it was so thick that not even light could enter it. We saw elephants and even spotted a leopard or two. People who visit Periyar Lake should do this only in the evening as animals can easily be spotted at that time.

Beautiful Kathakali performance in Kerala

We were released around 6:30-7:00pm only to realize, It’s time for kathakali and martial arts show near our hotel. We have bought the tickets for them before going to Periyar Lake. We were blown away by both shows. Ticket for each show was INR 200 per person. was ours Kerala exploration package And everyone who wants To discover the true beauty of Kerala you must opt ​​for this package. After the show, we went to the government subsidized stores for some local shopping.

Day 4: Alleppey Boathouse: Every Traveler’s Delight

Homestay at Alleppey Harbor in Kerala

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After a sumptuous breakfast in the morning, we left to Alleppey harbour 9:00 am. She was part of the package And we had Booked a one night stay in the harbor. I got there and saw the houseboats that were available on a share basis, and expected the same for my family, as I walked into my boat building. To my surprise, it was mine and we got the upper deck.

The beautiful view from the Alleppey houseboat

We were We were greeted with welcome drinks and had good vegetarian authentic Kerala food for lunch. Anoop called us to ask about our food preferences the morning itself and the food exceeded our expectations, it was so good. At first I was quite bored in the harbour, as there was not much to do, it was only at sunset that my family and I began to enjoy ourselves. The beauty we witnessed from the moving boat was out of the world.

The beautiful view from the Alleppey houseboat

We just dined in the harbor and spent the night on the water under the sky. It was a nice experience. There was also the option of Shikara (barges), which is a 4-5 hour ride. I would suggest people to book it for the evening and save time and money (3000-4000 INR).

Day 5: Trivandrum: Exploring the natural glory

I'm in venites in the beautiful background of kerala

After having a nice breakfast at Alleppey Harbour, we arrived at Alleppey Beach. Our next destination was Kochi. Our driver took us sightseeing on the way to the destination, we went to the fishing net, museum, art galleries and finally to a mall. The view from the mall was amazing. At one end of the mall was the city and the endless sea, resting peacefully at the other end. Having witnessed it for the first time, it was an amazing experience for me.

Church visit in Kerala

We also went to file Streamer (sea boat) cost us INR 2000 for the whole family.

At about 4:45 pm, we reached the railway station to catch Ganshatabdi to Trivandrum. Our train started at 5:20pm and arrived at the destination around 9:00pm. Our driver was waiting for us there and took us to our hotel, Jasmine Palace. It was a good hotel with a great view. Here, I would like to point out the great contribution of our travel agent Anoop, which helped us save money. We initially called for Taxi from Kochi to Trivandrumbut it turned out to be a bit beloved. He was I reprimand who came to save us and Proposal central railwho helped us Save time as well as money.

Boat cruise in Kerala

We were late for dinner, however the hotel staff arranged it for us. We went to Kovalam beach after dinner, which was hardly 200 meters from our hotel. Tired after the flight, we came back in an hour and went to sleep.

Day 6 – Boar Beach: A perfect end

The calm blue beach of Kerala

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After breakfast, we again went to Kovalam beach and rested there for some time. Love the peace that the beach brings to your life. Three of us had a great time there. Next in line was Powar beach which was 18 km from Kovalam beach.

Streamer in Kerala

Powar beach was amazing. We saw the river merge into the sea, and the point is called Sangam. There is also a golden sandy beach, which people should not miss. There were floating restaurants and houseboats, which were very cool.

To witness the true beauty, one must book here. A single streamer costs INR 3,500 for the whole family, and it’s totally worth it!

Kovalam beach in Kerala state

Then we went to a museum followed by a visit to the Padmaswamy temple. Then it’s time to go home!

Kerala trip was unforgettable. It was a combination of everything a traveler could ask for, mesmerizing beauty, good food, art and amazing service. Our trip was also perfect because of the people we interacted with there, the driver, the hotel staff and the tour operator, all of whom were the reason for this delightful experience.

We explored Kerala like no one else could, and came back with useful insights for travelers, and some essential tips that will help you memorize and experience the true beauty of Kerala.

high points- Complete experience in Munnar and ride the stream at Powar beach.

low points- We haven’t seen anything, but there is a repeat Strikes in Kerala that spoil your overall experience.

Tips for future travelers-

  • Don’t miss Powar
  • Don’t miss out on Dreamland
  • Book Kerala Exploration Package
  • Reserve the chakra instead of the boat
  • Book via TravelTriangle
  • Carry an extra INR 5,000-10,000 for tickets (details provided above), and feel free to invest the money because it will be totally worth it.

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