Best kids hand luggage bags for family trips

We’ve been taking our son on flights since he was a toddler – now he’s a teenager. Whatever his age, as a parent I’ve always needed to pack his things for the trip in a carry-on; Activities to prevent “I’m bored,” food to stop “I’m hungry,” extra clothes to combat “I’m cold/hot,” not to mention spilled food. I’m sure as a fellow parent you can relate to him! So how do you carry all of these kids’ handbags?

Over the years, with each stage of its development, I’ve discovered the best carry-on bag options for kids to take on trips. To help you choose the best baby travel bag for you, I will explain all the options available including the pros and cons of each type of bag.

In this article, learn about the best options for kids’ handbags

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Best handbags for toddlers

Traveling with young children can be a challenge. Making your way through large airports that involve a lot of walking can be a nightmare. Small children’s legs get tired quickly and their attention span also stretches, not to mention the fact that they are constantly hungry. You need to choose a carry-on bag that gives you the flexibility to carry everything you need and to help your baby cover the distance (strollers or prams are rarely available). So, what do you choose?

Children’s travel bag

With this idea, I really liked the idea of ​​children’s luggage. Large hard plastic animal shaped bag is sturdy enough for a small child to sit on while you pull the bag behind you.

These ride-on bags are about the same size as a standard carry-on bag with plenty of room to pack all of your little one’s toys, a change of clothes, and snacks.

  • professionals
    • Tired children are pulled for a ride
    • Keeps your hand free
    • Good size to fit all belongings
  • cons
    • If your child is having a tantrum and wants to pick him up, it will be difficult to carry the bag too
    • Only suitable for young children
    • It can be difficult to maneuver through the crowd

Top tip for the tripConsider your child’s likes and dislikes if they would enjoy riding in a suitcase for distance

Family travel bag

If you want the ability to keep your hands free, a backpack might be the answer. You’ll probably want to get one for yourself and a token for your child. Backpacks for toddlers are small; The perfect size for little ones to carry their few special items like their snuggly friend and their favorite hard book*. But since a child’s backpack is so small (not to mention your child probably won’t want to carry the bag so far), you’ll need a good-sized extra bag for yourself to function as a travel bag for the family to carry around. The rest of the items such as food, drinks, spare clothes, etc. as well as your travel documents.

  • professionals
    • Leave your hands free to pick up your baby and take care of other things
    • The family travel bag offers plenty of pockets to keep things organized
  • cons
    • Small backpack for toddlers and not much room in it – you’ll need an extra bag
    • The weight of all the family’s travel necessities can be heavy to carry a distance on your back

Top tip for the tripConsider what and how much to pack in your family’s carry-on travel bag

To help you plan what you have to put up with and how much you can afford, check out

Small children’s handbag

Once kids get a little older (we’re talking about 3-8 years old), they really want to start doing things for themselves and become a little more independent. This is the perfect time to start introducing them to their personal belongings. There are many different options to choose from, so let’s explore each one.

Stroller bag

The trolley bag was my son’s first handbag. Spiderman figure luggage had wheels and a pull handle. Used this bag for years – mainly until it became too tall to reach the handle of children’s rolling luggage. It was the perfect size for toys, books, snacks, and a change of clothes. Children’s trolley bags are just a small version of an adult’s suitcase on wheels except that their bags are usually designed with vibrant colors and images.

  • professionals
    • Children feel as if they are just like adults
    • Lots of variety with fun travel bags on wheels
    • Good size to fit all of their belongings
    • It fits in the overhead luggage compartment or under the front seat
  • cons
    • Since your child is responsible for his or her own bag, you will need to pay attention to ensure that he always has it collected when on the move
    • Your child may get tired from a long walk through airports, which results in having to carry the child and another bag

kids scooter bag

This looks like a lot of fun for kids. Basically, kids’ scooter bags are a scooter with a small bag attached to the T-handlebar. They come with lots of fun images to choose from; Light, durable and aircraft approved. Not to mention, the bag is large enough to unpack all of their toys, activities, snacks, and spare clothes.

  • professionals
    • The footboard folds and closes so the case can be used like a trolley bag
    • A fun way for kids to navigate the airport and to keep you entertained once you reach your destination
    • Fits in the upper luggage compartment
    • Good size to carry all belongings
  • cons
    • Not all brands come with detachable bags
    • Children riding scooters through airport terminals can cause chaos with other passengers

Children’s backpack

Of course, there’s always the option of a kids’ backpack, and I’ve briefly mentioned it in the toddler section. It’s a small backpack that only fits a few items, but it’s a great option that can also be used for daycare or preschool as well as for travel. I love multi-purpose things 😊

  • professionals
    • Versatile and can be used for more than just flights
    • It is hard for children to lose as it is on their backs
    • Lots of fun colors and patterns
  • cons
    • Fits a small number of items only
    • Your child may complain about the weight of the bag

Top tip for the tripWhen choosing the best toddler handbag, consider the cost of the bag, the longevity of the luggage’s use, and your little one’s preferences

Carry-on luggage for older children

Once kids get a little older and start entering their teens (age eight plus age range), they can really become responsible with their own handbags, which includes packing their hand luggage.

So once you have chosen the best bag option for your tween or teen, help them start creating their own packing list.

For inspiration on what to include, check out

Kids travel backpack

Older kids can be physically fit and carry the size of an adult day pack. But there are a lot of backpacks to choose from. So, choosing the best backpack for traveling with kids involves looking for packs that include plenty of pockets and compartments to keep everything organized.

There is no doubt that kids will still love a fun and vibrant set instead of the standard black backpack for adults.

  • professionals
    • The backpack is large enough to include a water bottle, snacks, games, a book and an iPad
    • Allow your child to be deprived of hands
    • It fits in the overhead luggage compartment or under the front seat
    • The backpack can be used for day trips when exploring
    • The backpack can also be used at home or school
  • cons
    • Your child may complain about the weight of the bag

Trolley bag for kids

If weight is an issue, a baby bag on wheels is probably a better option. You can either choose a soft shell or a hard shell travel bag for the baby.

There are not many soft-shell colored options available. But what I love about the soft shells is that the cover zips open on one side and all your belongings stay in the case. Whereas hard-shell boxes open in the middle with bottom straps or spacer panels that try to hold everything in place. Both options include wheels and a pull handle.

  • professionals
    • Good size to fit everything
    • Easy to pull along a heavier bag
    • Fits in the overhead compartment
  • cons
    • You must pick up and carry the stairs up and down
    • It rarely fits under the front seat
    • Your child may need an extra bag for day trips

Kids backpack with wheels

Have you been thinking that you loved the idea of ​​the flexibility of a backpack and the convenience of a trolley bag? How about combining the best of both with a backpack on wheels?

  • professionals
    • The ease and flexibility of carrying up and down stairs or if they are too heavy for long distances
    • Fits in the overhead compartment
  • cons
    • Wheels may not be as comfortable to lie on your back as compared to a real backpack

Rolling duffle bag

Another option with wheels is a duffle bag. This is a soft travel bag with wheels, two carry handles as well as a retractable handle, some come with a shoulder strap and sometimes pockets on the side.

  • Positives
    • Fits in the overhead compartment
    • It can be placed under the front seat – making it easy to reach things during the trip
    • Great to use in a dormitory
    • Lots of colorful patterns available
  • cons
    • Not good for day trip use
    • You must pick up and carry the stairs up and down

Top tip for the trip: Choose wisely, think about what would be the best luggage for tweens that will carry them into their teen years

Final tips for choosing the best handbags for kids

You know your child best. You will know what your child will enjoy and tolerate. You’ll also know exactly what and how much you’ll need to take on the plane with you on your family trip.

To help you get started packing for kids, check out these kids packing lists:

We also have two general family checklists for the rest of the family



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