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published: 3/27/2023 | March 27, 2023

I’m bad at taking pictures. This does not mean that the photos I take are bad (although there is controversy about that too!). Instead, I always forget to take pictures of this blog when I travel.

It’s gotten better in recent years (thanks to the team that keeps reminding me here). But that means I take a lot of pictures—pictures of me for my social media, photos of landscapes and monuments for the site, menus so I can update prices on the blog, and everything in between.

After over 15 years of traveling the world, I have thousands and thousands of photos on my hard drive.


I already went through all my photos in 2022. It took me 2 months of sorting and arranging them into folders, separating them by date and destination, removing duplicates and ones I didn’t want to keep.

It was a hassle. But it didn’t have to be.

Enter Mylio Pictures.

Mylio is an app that makes it easy for you to save, store, edit, organize and protect all your travel photos – plus important documents, like passport scans and visa applications. It is brand new and I wish I had found it sooner as it would have saved a lot of time. But, I hope it does for you!

Mylio is designed to simplify your life as a traveler, so you don’t have to waste time uploading and transferring photos from device to device.

If you’re like me and have a lot of photos—the ones you want to keep safe and organized—here’s how Mylio can help ensure you don’t lose those travel memories.

What is milio?

Mylio is an app that turns your computer, phone, tablet and/or storage device into a convenient and powerful system for managing memories for a lifetime.

With it, all your photos and videos – from any source – are categorized into a single library accessible from all your devices.

Did you take pictures in Paris on your iPhone but take videos on your tablet? With Mylio, they’ll automatically sync to your laptop, so you don’t have to move them around. Every image is available on every device. All the time.

Most travelers (myself included until recently) don’t have a system for organizing their photos or keeping them safe from device failure, theft, or loss. We just share some of it on social media and then offload the rest on your hard drive or in the cloud.

As a result, many travelers struggle to find specific images, as they have to browse through multiple folders for the image they need. I can’t count the number of times I’ve searched through folders to find a picture, only to find it empty-handed.

While dumping photos to the cloud is simple, it’s not exactly the best solution. The disadvantages are worth considering:

  • Cloud storage requires you to pay more when adding more photos. Some cloud plans have limited storage.
  • Some solutions have great features on desktop (Adobe Lightroom), but are limited on mobile devices.
  • Some solutions don’t allow syncing between macOS, iOS, Android, or Windows.

Mylio allows travelers to avoid all of these restrictions. It’s the simplest way to organize, protect and preserve your travel photos and videos.

Why use Mylio?

With Mylio, travelers turn their smartphones, computers, and storage devices into a secure, connected library of photos, videos, and other important documents. Travelers can easily sync their Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS devices; add cloud storage; And even back up your media from Facebook and Instagram.

In short, here’s what Mylio can do for you:

  • Collecting: Brings all your photos and videos together in a beautiful library, including those taken before the “iPhone era”.
  • He chooses: Cleans your library, removes duplicates in seconds, tags people, and adds events and places. Keep only the photos you like and want to keep.
  • Protect: Automatically backs up everything to your devices. And if you want to add cloud storage (such as Google Drive), Mylio will encrypt everything so the data stays with you and nothing is shared with “Big Brother”.
  • Access: No matter what device you’re on, updates are automatically synced to reflect changes immediately.

Most importantly, photos and videos remain on every device and are not “hostage” in the cloud. Mylio shrinks raw images to less than 5% of their original file size so they don’t fill up your phone/tablet/laptop – all while maintaining full editing capabilities if you want to edit/modify any photos or videos. (The app protects and preserves originals when you need them, too. It’s all automatic without you having to care.)

If you need additional storage beyond your hardware, you can also connect Mylio to the cloud or to a physical hard drive for additional storage.

And because Mylio stores everything on your devices, the price of Mylio doesn’t go up when users add more files or connect more devices.

What’s more, you can store eBooks and PDFs in your Mylio account, allowing you to access your reading material offline whenever you need it. This is perfect for those long flights or trips to destinations where Wi-Fi may be unreliable.

How does Mylio

Once you sign up for an account on, you can download the app to your device(s). This is what the dashboard looks like:

Mylio app dashboard on desktop

You can then start dumping into your photos. You just drag and drop. It’s very simple:

Screenshot from the Myliophoto app

Here’s a look at a few of the photos I’ve added so far. Notice how Mylio automatically arranges them by date:

Mylio app dashboard on desktop

While you can arrange things by folders and albums, the main calendar view will be organized by date as well, so you can see exactly when the photos were taken.

You can also find out exactly where they were taken:

View the Mylio application map geographically on your desktop

You can zoom in to see specific destinations within each country as well:

View the Mylio application map geographically on your desktop

This is especially useful if you can’t remember where you were on certain parts of your trip. You can manually tag any old photos that weren’t added automatically, too.

And if you need to edit photos before sharing them, you can do so directly in Mylio:

Edit photos in the Mylio photo app

And since all your photos are online, if you edit one on your desktop, it will also be edited on your tablet and smartphone. Everything is connected!

And while Mylio is great for photos, you can also add other documents, such as passport scans, visa documents, plane or train tickets, and more, ensuring that all of your vital travel documents are safe, secure, and accessible across all devices.

Mylio also has facial recognition, so once you tag people a few times, that feature kicks in and allows you to sort and search for photos by person — not just place or date.

Mylio app dashboard on desktop

I’ve tagged myself once and tagged over a hundred photos with me in it. If you travel with friends or family often, this makes sorting (and finding) photos much easier, as you can simply type “mom” or “dad,” and all photos tagged with them will appear.

Who is Mylio for?

Mylio is clearly best for travelers who take a large number of photos – including travel professionals. Security and accessibility features make it a no-brainer for people working across multiple devices. It makes sharing on social networks a breeze, too.

However, even if you’re just a casual traveler, Mylio can help you better sort, save, and organize your photos. Calendar and map view options make finding and sharing them very simple.

And since it’s cheaper than cloud services like Dropbox, you get a lot of value for less money!

In short, if you travel a lot and love taking photos, Mylio is an app worth downloading!


It has never been easier to take amazing photos of your travels, allowing you to capture and save great memories from all over the world.

But keeping and organizing them safely and securely has never been more difficult.

With Mylio, you can not only easily store and save your photos, but also edit and access them at any time. And with geolocation and calendar features, you can easily drift down memory lane any time you want to revisit a trip.

If you want to make sure your best travel memories are safe and secure, check out Mylio’s photos. (This is not an affiliate link btw).

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