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Gone are the days when you showed off your love of traveling the world by showing off a bottle of French wine, Italian loafers and Japanese paraphernalia.

Now merchandise inspired by travel is not only utilitarian but also quirky and fun. Choose the following items to spark your inner traveler.

1. Scratch Map

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Showcase your travel pieces of the world on this metal map. Simply wipe off the foil from the places you’ve been to reveal an array of bright colors underneath. $31.95

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2. Travel wine bag

Carry your favorite wine in this wine bag

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Carry your favorite wine in this wine bag. Not only does it look really amazing, but it can also hold a wine bottle bag, two shot glasses, coasters, a bottle stopper and a corkscrew. $69.99

3. Passport covers

Airline Route Map Passport Covers - Let the world know about your next flight

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Let the world know about your next trip when you pull out your passport. This colorful piece of art is sure to accent all of your travel accessories. $14.99

4. An instant messenger bag

An instant messenger bag to carry your travel accessories

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One need not overemphasize the need for a backup battery while traveling. This Instant Messenger bag carries a battery with Apple, Micro-USB and Mini-USB connectors, a USB port for charging devices and can charge a smartphone four times. $180.

5. Personal airport departure board

Personal Airport Departure Board

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Showcase your favorite places, vacation destinations, and cities with this original and fun departure board. $19.46

6. iPhone camera lens system

iPhone Camera Lens System - A camera lens that can be attached to your iPhone

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Although owning a DSLR camera, carrying it around with you can be a hassle. Save room in your travel bag, and pack a removable camera lens for your iPhone instead. $70

7. World map phone case

A world map on the phone case is the best way to remember to plan for future travel

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This natural wood iPhone case is not only beautiful, but the world map on its surface is the best way to remember to plan for future travel and show the travel powerhouse you are. $29

8. Noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones for clear sound regardless of outside noise

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If you’re an avid traveler, you’ll know the need for a little peace of mind while you’re flying. These noise canceling headphones transmit sound through your ear, skin, and bones, resulting in clear sound regardless of outside noise. $350

9. A Wi-Fi detector shirt

The Wi-Fi Detector Shirt makes it easy to travel by finding nearby Wi-Fi signal

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Wouldn’t it be easier to just rely on your clothes to find the nearby Wi-Fi signal while traveling through unknown lands? Nothing is more travel-friendly than a Wi-Fi detector shirt. $20

10. The Travel Stub Diary

The Travel Stub brightens your adventures by storing keepsakes

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With this Travel Stub Journal, relive your adventures by storing memorabilia such as postcards, maps, booklets, ticket stubs, and snapshots. You can also jot down some poetic words about your favorite destination. $12.00

11. Universal Translator

Global Translator can translate 12 languages ​​into English

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This little beast may not be pretty to look at but it has a lot to offer. Translates 12 languages ​​and speaks about 12,000 phrases and 450,000 words is a must have if you are in those quaint corners of the world where no one speaks English. $229.95

12. Overnight map design bag

The Map Design Overnight Bag makes sure everyone knows you're an avid traveler

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This cool vintage-inspired overnight bag will ensure everyone knows you’re an avid traveler. £79

13. Piston water purification

Water filtration plunger produces safe water on the go in just 15 seconds

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Anyone who has been to Europe knows the pain of spending a lot of money on water. This cute looking water filtration system works like a Frenchpress and creates safe water on the go in just 15 seconds. $69.95

14. Swissbit Swiss Army

Swissbit Swiss Army - No-Hassle Air Travel Knife Sheath

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This product gives a much needed technical twist to the classic Swiss Army Knife. It also detaches from its knife casing for seizure-free air travel. You can’t call yourself a traveler if you don’t have one of these. $140.00

15. A customizable neon sign

Create a tribute to your favorite destination with a custom neon sign

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Create a tribute to a destination with a custom neon sign. Nothing is more amazing than your love for your favorite glittering city. $68.00

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