A guide of 10 Korea travel tips for a hassle-free holiday!

The Korean Peninsula offers a range of wonderful experiences to its visitors. From stunning landscapes to thousands of years of culture, there is a lot to explore in Korea. Korean culture and traditions are greatly influenced by China and Japan. Therefore, tourists will realize that Korea is a melting pot of cultures. Korea has surpassed other neighboring countries and emerged as a modern nation. But, if you are planning to visit this amazing country, then make note of it Travel advice to Korea Which will help you plan a smooth and hassle-free trip.

At the end of World War II, Korea broke up into two countries – South Korea and North Korea. Below is a list of important travel tips related to both South and North Korea. Write down these important things Things to know before you go to Korea If this place is on your wish list.

5 travel tips for South Korea

We have drafted a list Best korea tips for visitors Which everyone should not record in their planning diary. Scroll through our list of five top tips for travelers from South Korea.

1. Track the weather

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South Korea experiences 4 types of seasons – summer, winter, spring and autumn. While the summer season causes hot days and the winters are cold, the best time to explore South Korea is during the spring or fall. During these seasons, the weather remains calm and pleasant which makes it ideal for sightseeing. So, if you are planning a vacation in South Korea, this point should be on the top of your list Travel advice to Korea.

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2. Korean sentences

Korean speaking

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Whether you are traveling to South or North Korea, it is important to learn some common phrases from the Korean language that will help you get through some of the chores. Moreover, you can learn Hangul, the Korean alphabet. You can watch some YouTube videos or movies to learn about the common tone and words of the Korean language. Make sure to do this before you travel to Korea, after all, learning a new language is exciting.

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3. Use KTX


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KTX, or Korean Train Express, is the best way to travel in South Korea because it is the fastest way to get to any destination. If you are on a tight budget or in a hurry to get to a destination, choose KTX trains and save money and time. Every traveler should include this pro tip in their travel diary while traveling to Korea.

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4. Try local foods and drinks

Try the local food and drinks

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The best way to get to know a country is to try the local food that the street-side stalls offer to tourists. There is a long list of popular foods in South Korea that one should not miss. Every traveler must try kimchi salad, Korean barbecue, Pajeon, Japchae, and Bibimbap. Apart from this, there are many unique drinks that one cannot miss out on in this country such as Soju, Cider, Hallabong, Omijacha, and Makgeolli.

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5. Fastest internet facility

The fastest internet facility

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South Korea is recorded as having the fastest average internet used by over ninety-five percent of the population. Moreover, this is a promise of social networking as you will find Wi-Fi connection almost everywhere. From metro stations to stores, you’ll get free internet access. However, some places charge for internet access.

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5 travel tips for North Korea

If you have chosen North Korea as your destination, take a closer look at it Useful tips for Korean tourists. There are some strict regulations in this country, so take care of certain things while traveling to North Korea.

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6. Tourism


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If you are planning a trip to North Korea, you will want to know that travel in this country is mostly done with local or international guides. This helps to know the country better and you may not have language problems because your guide will provide him or her with translation services.

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7. Prohibitions


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Well, you may not be aware of this, but certain things are off limits in North Korea. The main ones include political materials, religious materials, pornographic materials, and travel guides. Yes, you are not allowed to carry your own travel guide as you will eventually have to hire a sightseeing guide. Moreover, connections are always checked in North Korea so you can buy a local SIM and surf the internet but the prices are very high.

8. Photography


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one of the most Useful tips for Korean tourists It is to be careful with your camera when you are in this country. The North Korean government has set some strict rules regarding taking pictures of military infrastructure, airports, government buildings, and transportation hubs. If you want to stay safe, you’d better ask your guide if you can click a picture.

9. Currency


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It would be shocking to know that the local currency in North Korea cannot be used by international visitors. You must bring Euros, Yuan, South Korean Won or US Dollars for cash purposes. Moreover, there are no ATMs or currency exchange offices in the country, so you need to bring enough cash for your entire trip, according to the number of members traveling with you.

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10. The visa


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First things first, there are some nationalities that are not allowed to enter North Korea including Malaysians and South Koreans. Moreover, most visitors are only allowed to come from China. Therefore, if you are planning to visit North Korea, you should redirect your trip to China first. Moreover, it is best to book your tickets well in advance to avoid any mishaps.

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So, now you know all the main tips for traveling to Korea. Both countries are far from each other while South Korea is modern and equipped with fast internet, and North Korea is more strict both in terms of tourism and photography. Whether you are planning a vacation to Korea for business or a vacation, keep these Korea travel tips handy. They will help you plan a hassle-free tour to the Korean Peninsula. So, wait no more and plan your trip to Japan with TravelTriangle this year.

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Frequently asked questions about travel advice in Korea

When is the best time to visit South Korea?

March to May and September to November is the best time to visit South Korea. The weather is nice.

What are the best places to visit in South Korea?

Some of the best places to visit in South Korea are:
1. Seoul
2. Gyeongju
3. Busan
4. Jeju Island
5. Dadohaehaesang National Park
6. Suwon
7. Seoraksan National Park
8. Pyeongchang Province

What are the best places to visit in North Korea?

Some of the best places to visit in North Korea are:
1. Sky Lake
2. caisson
3. Wonsan
4. Pyongyang
5. Hyangsan

What are the popular things to do in South Korea?

Some of the most interesting things to do in South Korea are:
1. Shop Korean cosmetics
2. Take the cable car to N Seoul Tower
3. Attending the Jinju Lantern Festival
4. Attending a K-Pop concert
5. Go hiking in Seoraksan National Park

Where is the best place to shop in Seoul?

Some of the best places for shopping in Seoul are:
1. Myeongdong Market
2. Dongdaemun Market
3. Apgujeong
4. Hongdae
5. Itaewon
6. Myeongdong Lotte Store

What should I buy in South Korea?

Some popular things to buy from South Korea:
1. Cosmetics and cosmetics
2. Hadong tea
3. Dried seaweed
4. Backpacks and accessories
5. Stationery paper and handmade hanji

What are the popular Korean food dishes?

Some of the popular Korean dishes that you must try are:
1. Bulgogi – Marinated grilled meat
2. Hoeddeok – syrup dumplings
3. Kimchi – a fermented vegetable
4. Japchi – fried noodles
5. Bibimbap – rice bowl

What can you do in Seoul at night?

Here are some great things to do in Seoul at night:
1. Party in Gangnam clubs
2. Night shopping at Dongdaemun Market
3. Enjoy the view from N Seoul Tower
4. Karaoke night at Noraebang
5. Hangouts in 24-hour coffee shops

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