8 Well Kept Secrets About Mumbai For The Explorer In You!

The city that has woven the dreams of countless people for over a century still has places within its borders that remain unexplored. Take a look at some of Mumbai’s most interesting and well-kept secrets For travelers who always like to see something new and come back with a story to tell.

There are many hidden places in Mumbai that hide from an ordinary traveler in plain sight. With a curated list, we help you explore, visit and enjoy some of Mumbai’s lesser-known sights that welcome any traveler with open arms in a city that never sleeps.

Have you been to these secrets from Mumbai?

1. Seuri Mangrove Park

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A secluded and little-known bird-watching spot in Mumbai, Sewri Mangrove Park is home to hundreds of migratory flamingos every year in the winter months of December to February. Muddy and flat terrain acquired the status of a protected area only in 1996.

Perhaps the state of protection not only ensures survival but also the preservation of one of Mumbai’s well-kept secrets.

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2. Bassein Fort (Vasai)

Bassein Fort (Vasai)

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It is not difficult to trace the Portuguese influence on the western coast of India. One such little-known place in Mumbai is located in Vasai Village. A short local train ride north of Mumbai’s urban landscape is the long-forgotten Bassein Fort.

Built more than 800 years ago, the fortress has been built, defeated, lost, rebuilt, and maintained by many kingdoms and governments. This magnificent structure is one of the mysteries of Mumbai that delves into the diverse roots of Mumbai society not by conjecture, but by solid historical evidence.

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3. Dahano Beach

Dahano Beach View

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Located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, Dahanu Beach is one of the hidden scenic places near Mumbai where travelers can enjoy the serenity and pristine natural beauty of this serene beach village.

This may be the only entry into Mumbai’s secrets of interest to beach lovers, but sunsets at Dahanu Beach are something you will never forget.

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4. Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves in Mumbai

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A group of caves and ancient rock-carved ruins, Kanheri Caves have intrigued much of the history buffs looking for unknown places near Mumbai. Paintings and carvings on its walls dating back over thousands of years depict an intriguing tale of ages past.

Several centuries after its foundation, the Kanheri Caves became a regular resting place for Buddhist monks and their followers. A day tour from Mumbai is recommended for families, solo travelers, and history buffs.

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5. Chhota Kashmir

    Chhota Kashmir in Mumbai

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Located in the urban sprawl of Goregaon, it is an anomaly for concrete-filled Mumbai. Some of Mumbai’s secrets are not only soothing to the eyes, but their name also has a sweet ring to it.

On the face of it, any traveler would seize the opportunity to see Chhota Kashmir in a subtropical city like Mumbai. Like the other little-known places in Mumbai that we have covered, this one lives up to the hype too. An ideal family getaway in Chhota Kashmir would be the option of boating in a lake, enjoying a picnic meal with your loved ones, and spending quality time with the kids in the gardens of the park.

6. Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda

In a tough city like Mumbai, a tough lifestyle can often get the best out of people. Meditating in a safe, calm and serene place like the Global Vipassana Pagoda is definitely a great way to kill all the stress.

Hidden treasures of Mumbai should not only be well preserved but also promoted by fellow travelers by word of mouth.

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7. Pandavkada Falls

Pandavkada Falls

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Nature lovers in Mumbai are often left with a gasp when it comes to finding the perfect place for solace away from the urban noise. Adventure lovers visiting Mumbai should consider taking a day trip all the way to Kharghar in Navi Mumbai to visit Pandavkada Falls.

Such awe-inspiring secrets of Mumbai leading to a 105-foot waterfall would make even the most avid story-tellers keep this waterfall just for themselves.

8. Hassanabad Dargah

Hasnabad Dargah in Mumbai

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Built by the famous ruler Aga Khan after he arrived in Mumbai from Iran, the Hasnabad Dargah lovers in Mumbai call this sacred place of worship the ‘Little Taj Mahal’. Stunning architectural beauty in urban landscapes is a common occurrence, but seeing it where you least expect it is a place that will stay in your memories for a long time.

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Does this list urge you to get out and explore? Have we discovered enough of Mumbai’s secrets to spark your wanderlust? So, plan a trip to Mumbai. Share your experiences with us and tell us about more hidden treasures of Mumbai that deserve more travelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Secrets Of Mumbai

What is Mumbai famous for?

Mumbai is known for its unique attractions such as the Gateway of India, world heritage sites such as the Elephanta Caves, and for being the source of Bollywood.

Is Mumbai surrounded by water?

Yes, Mumbai is surrounded by water on all sides.

Where is the best place to live in Mumbai?

Some of the best places to live in Mumbai are Bandra, Malabar Hill, Altamount Road, and more.

What can I buy in Mumbai?

Some of the best things you can buy in Mumbai are spices, jewellery, saris, and more.

What is the famous food in Mumbai?

The most popular food in Mumbai is vada pav. It is very popular with locals as well as tourists.

How many rivers are there in Mumbai?

There are 4 rivers in Mumbai. They are Dahisar, Poisar, Oshiwara and Mithi river.

Is it safe to visit Mumbai?

Yes, it is very safe to visit Mumbai. You can even go out during the night.

What should I wear in Mumbai?

From western to traditional, you can wear just about anything in Mumbai.

Where do famous people live in Mumbai?

Celebrities usually live in Bandra and Juhu.

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