8 things you need on your European packing list

Europe is one destination that makes us all star-struck, from fantasizing about romance about the love of your life DDLJ style in Switzerland, to being in awe of Greek sculptures, each of us has one dream travel experience for Europe.

However, ignoring a few simple things while you are packing for your dream vacation can turn your dream into an unpleasant reality. Travel Triangle shares a List the things you need on your European packing list To make sure you have smooth sailing!

1. Food, food, food – ready-to-eat Indian vegetarian food!

There is a dearth of plant food in general on the continent. Finding good, affordable vegetarian Indian food is a task in itself, except for Britain and parts of Western Europe. Better to carry ready made Indian food.

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2. Adapters / converters for European sockets

This is what European sockets look like

You don’t want to be in a situation where the limited gadgets you carry on your Eurotrip are of no use just because they can’t be charged due to incompatibility between Indian and European plugs. How are you going to connect with your mom in India or click a selfie to post to Instagram or your Facebook profile picture?

advice: Carry an adapter/converter to ensure your gadgets can always be charged!

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3. A shaving kit

Don't forget to carry your shaving kit on your Eurotrip

Street-side saloons are not as common in Europe as they are in India, and those in Europe are certainly not cheap. A clean shave may cost you as much as INR 1800.

advice: Carry your own shaving kit, a little self-help will save you from getting bankrupt during the trip.

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4. No, no fancy jackets. Just a windbreaker

Windcheater - Add it to your packing list for Europe

Europe has great weather in the summer and the evenings are very nice. But it gets a little chilly at night and you will definitely need a jacket.

advice: Keep in mind that you will have space and weight restrictions, pack an airbag. Not only will it take up less space, but it will also keep you warm and protect you from rain.

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5. A dictionary or translation app

Translate your ideas into a local language quickly

image source

English is not understood at all in some parts of the continent. Therefore, it is better to carry an English dictionary in the local language or at least install an app on your smartphone to facilitate communication. You can also learn some phrases and greetings in the local language of the country you are in.

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6. Medicines vs. Medications

Make sure you don't end up carrying drugs into Europe

image source

While a first aid kit is a basic necessity for every backpacker, you should know the fact that quite a few popular Indian medicines are banned and considered medicines in Europe.

advice: The Schengen visa contains a detailed list of medicines that one can carry. Ask your trusted home doctor about medications for common ailments like cold, allergy, fever, etc. Also, do not forget to carry appropriate prescriptions with you.

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7. The right things to pack in!

Light travel vs. heavy travel

“What you carry” is just as important as knowing “what you carry”! International flights have severe baggage restrictions, and if the ‘container’ itself is heavy, half the battle is lost.

advice: Buy a light and durable backpack that will make traveling more comfortable and convenient. Carry the waist belt to keep money and important documents safe and easy.

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8. A musical instrument

Show your skills on your Eurotrip

image source

Can you dazzle the crowd with your flute or captivate the crowd with an impromptu street performance? If yes, then don’t forget to carry your musical instruments because busking is very popular in many parts of Europe.

advice: European authorities may give you a hard time suspecting your intentions and tools. But if your love of music and the thrill of playing in the most beautiful places on the planet wins out, then you don’t have to think about carrying your musical instruments.

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