8 memorable Philippines travel tips for a smooth trip!

The Philippines is a country made up of thousands of small islands located in South Asia. The country is one of the most important tourist hotspots in the world as it offers you many attractions such as the beautiful sandy beaches, green fields, and the scenic beauty of the mountains. However, it is important to keep a few things in mind on your trip to the country. these Philippines travel advice It will inform you best about where and what not to do during your trip.

8 Philippines travel tips for an easy trip

Philippines is a beautiful country that you will love. However, there are different precautions or safety tips for traveling in the Philippines. Our Philippines travel tips will help you make the most of your trip.

1. Planning

Philippines is a beautiful country with many attractions and offers you the best of the place. However, it is important to actually plan and know which places you want to visit and on what days according to your trip. This is an important part of the planning process so you don’t waste time during your trip thinking about where to go or when to go. Planning also includes knowing the local currency, the local language, and how you will travel across the country.

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2. The best time to visit

Best time to visit

The Philippines attracts a lot of tourists during the dry months, i.e. between November to April. It is highly recommended to travel during these months as it will allow you to witness the most beautiful places in the country and allow access to some of the islands or remote areas of the country. It is not recommended to visit the country during the summer months as the temperatures during this time are at their peak and may leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the trip.

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3. Learn the language

Get to know the language

The Philippines has about 120 to 180 languages ​​and dialects which include Filipino, English and Spanish. Although English is spoken in the area, there are a large number of locals who prefer to interact in their national language, i.e. the Filipino language. Therefore it is important to know a little bit of the basic language before traveling to the country as it can be useful or when needed.

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4. Choose the best hotels

Choose the best hotels

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While the country provides you many hotels with world-class facilities, choosing your hotel is an integral part of your trip. Everyone has this question in mind where to stay in the Philippines. Choose your hotels based on your budget and location as well. It is important to keep in mind factors such as cost, facilities, and distance from the places you wish to visit as well as how to travel in the country. Some of the recommended hotels for an amazing stay in the Philippines are Kandaya Resort, Club Paradise Palawan, and Blue Palawan Beach Club.

5. Always keep enough cash

Always keep enough cash

Being one of the major tourist attractions, millions of people flock to the country every year. It is really important to know the currency and keep enough cash with you. Although you can pay with your cards or other online payment methods, many locals prefer to take cash for goods. So, know the currency and carry a good amount of cash that can be handy at any time throughout your trip.

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6. Use public transportation

Use public transportation

The Philippines is a huge country with a wide variety of attractions. Thus it will be very expensive if you travel across the place in a rented car or in a taxi. It is highly recommended to use public transportation like buses or metro which will help you save your money and time. Public transportation will easily take you to the places you want to go without any hassle.

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7. Taste the local food

Taste the local food

While you are visiting any country in any part of the world, food forms an integral part of your trip. It is very important to get into those streets of the place and look for local food. While you enjoy the delicious meals in the expensive fancy restaurants, you must try the local food of the place from the local or small shops that will provide you the best quality and delicious home made like local delicacies. Some of the most famous local foods that you must try in the Philippines are chicken adobo, balot and curry curry.

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8. Keep shopping until you can

Keep shopping while you can

Shopping is an escape from a place that helps you discover culture and traditions wherever you are. While in the Philippines, there are a number of places where you can unload your wallets and carry on cargo as part of the beautiful memories you are creating on your trip. The Philippines offers you many places to shop, and one of the best is Manila. Cebu City and Boracay Island City Mall.

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The Philippines is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and breathtaking beauty. Lush green surroundings with a cool and serene environment, welcoming locals and an exciting atmosphere in the air. Now you know the things to do in the Philippines, so hurry up and plan a trip to the Philippines on your next vacation.

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Frequently asked questions about Philippines travel advice

Is the Philippines safe for tourists?

Most areas of the Philippines are considered safe for tourists, but it is always advised to be aware of one’s surroundings in a foreign place.

When should you visit the Philippines?

November to April is the best time to visit the Philippines as it is the dry season and the weather is pleasant.

Is tipping common in the Philippines?

No, tipping is not normally expected in the Philippines.

What is the cheapest month to travel to the Philippines?

Flights are usually cheap from May to October because it is the rainy period and thus off season in the Philippines.

Can I use my credit card in the Philippines?

Visa and MasterCard are accepted in the Philippines.

What is the best currency to use in the Philippines?

The Philippine Peso is the commonly used currency in the Philippines.

How many days is needed to cover the Philippines?

One must plan a trip of 10 to 15 days to fully enjoy the beauty of the Philippine Islands.

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