8 Kerala Travel Tips That You Must Keep In Mind In 2022

Kerala, which bears the term coast of India, is a mixture of beaches fringed by many coconut palms. It has the highest literacy rate in India. Statement of God’s country by adding natural differences such as the combination of flora and fauna re-established Kerala to lead its fame. But before you head out to God’s country, check this out Kerala travel advice that come in handy.

Kerala creates space for elephants and tigers to recover in the wild environment. You can catch Kerala as a destination to enjoy the natural beauty created by man and nature by securing public or private mode of transport like cars, buses, trains and airways.

8 Important Tips for Traveling in Kerala

If you’re planning a vacation to God’s country, you’re doing yourself a favor! So, keep these Kerala travel tips and have a safe and sound trip!

1. Get permissions in advance

One of the most important Kerala travel tips anyone can give you is to get the permissions beforehand and the place is entitled to great hill stations all over India. The Christ Church here is the main attraction in Kerala. The place is underlined by the stone and wood construction. The interior and exterior design is provided with decoration on the glass windows. Kundala Lake creates hope in attracting tourists. The most beautiful Kundala Dam is the oldest dam in Asia. Echoing points, tea yards and museums are some of the most visited places in Kerala. Anamudi is the largest city in India to travel here we need to get permission from the Wildlife Authority and intend to witness the national beauty of the state.

For more inquiries, contact: Forest Conservancy Chief, Thiruvananthapuram 695014, Tel: +91471 2322217

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2. Don’t litter

Do not litter in Kerala

When you are in Kerala, you will surely visit – Alappuzha the most beautiful city in Kerala settled on Lak, a diving sea. Alappuzha is famous for the compound. Alappuzha is rated as the cleanest city in India. Alappuzha has a population of 1.74 lakh in India. Alappuzha was called Venice of the Land by Lord Curzon and thus it is ruled as the Venetian capital of Kerala. Samudra Beach is an attractive place for many local as well as many international tourists to visit here. Sound of many natural life like trees, water creatures, etc. These are the cleanest beaches ever so better help them maintain their sanctity and help the authorities to keep the beaches clean, that’s right there is another one of the top Kerala trekking tips.

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3. The best time to visit

Best time to visit in Kerala

Another one of the important Kerala travel tips is for you to check the best time to visit the destination. The best time to visit is in the winter season as the winter landscapes of Kerala are mesmerizing. A variety of flora and fauna are spread across Kerala. Hence it is paradise for many who have already visited it. Beautifully carved, beautifully carved, which attracts tourists to the fire. Soochipara Waterfall also known as Sentinel Rock Falls surrounded by evergreen forests. Tourists hereby make frequent visits during any period. It is appropriate that you visit here. There is no special season to visit. The nature here welcomes the tourists to visit here.

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4. Learn about the culture

Thrissur Pooram Festival, a journey into the cultural allure of Kerala

The lead is given to the Nehru Trophy Boat Race here, many regional participants are actively involved in the boat race. The lake occupies the main tourist attractions. Constructed the original habitat for many regional and migratory birds. It is supported by the agricultural hunting occupation of the peoples of the region. Tourists enjoy fishing with the locals. The people of the area here practice different professions and few of them work in normal activities. The behavior of the peoples of the region here is well mannered with the tourists. The most involved occupation is hunting which is excluded by the peoples of the region. The bird sanctuary here holds the attraction for the tourists and the regional people here we can observe a variety of birds. Kerala kathakali classical dance centers allow to build stage dance skills under Kathak vow, Bharatnatyam etc. Moreover, some temples do not allow non-Hindus to enter. Strict dress code must be followed in most of the temples here. Foot-wearing is strictly not permitted inside the temple premises.

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5. Learn about majors

Kerala Specialties

One of the Kerala travel tips to keep in mind is that you should research well and know the specialties of each place. Lighthouse Beach is the largest beach here, which allows many seafood restaurants to conduct their business around the beach. Kovalam beach is a frequent, popular and attractive beach visited by a number of tourists. Hawa Beach makes waves sound and creates artificial peace here. It leads to the opportunity for many fishermen to continue their profession.
Kochi is described as the queen of the Arabian Sea backed by beautiful beaches and natural diversity. The hill palace here is famous for the architectural designs that define the history of Kerala. Santa Cruz Church, the most famous of the churches. The interior and exterior design market has reduced the massive rate of tourist attraction. Cherai Beach is the city of peace in Kerala and features beautiful beaches and sea stones and performs as a tourist attraction.

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6. Be prepared for adventures

Tourist enjoying Fox Flying in Kerala

Kerala enables us to conserve the natural flora and fauna. It is the birthplace of 1,000 elephants and also welcomes 20 Bengal tigers. An assortment of over 200 birds can be seen here. Periyar National Park is the cleanest park ever, hence one of the Kerala travel tips we have for you is to keep the same and be prepared for adventures, tho. It welcomes the expansion of many tourists to pay a visit. It is surrounded by many natural beauties. Many animal species are found here wild as well as domestic. It provides opportunities to lead healthy and thriving aspects of life. It creates space to attract tourists for Agasthyamala rainforest, Neyyar wildlife sanctuary, Kallar Karila, Deva lake, etc.

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7. Connect with the date

Kerala History Museum

One Kerala travel tip that is not talked about much is that you should get to know the history of the place better. Wayanad is a mixture of national and artificial beauty. Edakkal Caves were discovered by Fred Fawcett in 1896 which signifies the history of Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram, the leading capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Architectural designs lead to the cities historical significance. It launches the home city of many leading institutions like Indian Institute of Science Education, Tata Elxsi, etc. It certainly holds many sporting events such as cricket, football and many other events. Matan Cherry Palace was inaugurated by the Portuguese in 1555 and given to the King of Kochi, a city of historical importance. Naval driving gives extra advantage to Kochi to build city beauty.

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8. Be aware of the roads

road in Kerala

Kerala consists of lots of beautiful beaches like Poplar beaches, Shankumugham beach, Veli beach etc. It has built a network of public and private transportation like buses, auto trains, airways etc. That is why one of the most important Kerala travel tips is to know well On the roads and transportation available. A small coastal city in the Arabian Sea, 16 km away from the city, is Kovalam Beach. Being home to many coconut trees that are grown here. This is the second largest dam in Asia at a distance of 21 km from the city. Kochi Airport and Kochi Fort are 40 km from each other. Usually, tourists choose to land in the middle of the night and stay at the airport, so in the morning hours, the castle can be reached and explored.

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As Kerala travel tips have already been discussed above, the end result is simple, don’t pack too much. The advice is general but fully applicable to your Kerala trip if you are planning a trek. And in Kerala, do all the adventures possible. Make a trip to Kerala full of adventures and memories. Collect experience as much as you can by experiencing wild fishing and mountaineering. Get a feel for the culture and history with the temples here. Even the traditions in Kerala are worth taking part in.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kerala Trip

When is the boat scheduled?

Do not schedule a boat ride on the first day of your trip unless you arrive before 10am.

What time of day is the best time to visit Kochi?

You will enjoy sightseeing in Kochi in the evening hours.

Where do you spend more time in Kerala?

Munnar. If possible, book a couple of nights for Munnar to enjoy the peaceful green tea gardens.

Can Kochi and Munnar be done in one day?

If you reach Kochi Airport Center at 4pm, head no further to proceed to Munnar.

Do Kerala people understand Hindi?

Very few of them do. They are good at English. However, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some Malayalam words before visiting Kerala.

How to pre-book floating boats?

There are many online portals that allow you to do this. Else, contact the agents. You cannot book it too early. A week or two is good to book a houseboat.

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