13 types of friends who will definitely make your trip fail

We all have that one friend who annoys us when you’re on vacation with them. These people may possess one or more of the following traits. Therefore, it is best to sneak politely while planning a trip with them.

But if you can’t, my friend, you get caught!! God can’t help you anymore!

1. Your sticky office BFF

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They keep track of where and when you are going and give you a sign along. Obviously, you can’t say “no” to all the previous privileges received. So, there you go, you now have an office away from the office!

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2. A difficult one with possible obsessive-compulsive disorder

New reaction zooey girl

They are in dire need of perfection! And all you can say is friends, this is a long way off, accept it.

3. The Google know-it-all guy

Frappes are wrong

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He has so much information to enlighten you that you will resist the urge to kick him out of the car. Did you know that it is the largest in North Goa? Please don’t stare at the aliens, take a peak, like this – look! “them!!

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4. The friend is more than excited

Yes, The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper

They will be game for anything and everything. Goa, in December this year? Yes! Skiing in Auli over the weekend? I was on! Let’s get out now. Yes oh yes! (It’s a different issue when they later withdraw.)

5. DJ or music sorter

South Park Cartman

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If you have this guy in the car with you, forget about your freedom of choice of music. Not for this trip at least!

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6. Fixer- Finicky’s best friend.


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They take all the travel worries out of you as well as the hero credit that comes with it, chicks!

7. Foodie

A foodie companion

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Get ready to spend all of your food shopping expenses when you’re with your Foodie buddy. Also, stop by every two hours later to get a quick bite. Oom nom nom nom…

8. The man has amnesia

missing man

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They’ll make you turn an hour after you’ve been driven away from home. “We have to go back, I forgot my phone!!”

9. Crazy paparazzi

Crazy paparazzi

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They won’t let you touch your food unless they click their picture. Also, invade your privacy and you will always find them in the weirdest possible positions with their cameras!

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10. The Mystery of Confusion


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First he said he wanted to go to the beach, then he wanted to go to the museum, then he was back at the beach again and now he’s at the hotel taking a nap!

11. Yolo Guy!

Ranbir in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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Sky diving, paragliding, cliff jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing – this friend has no limits when it comes to adventure! Make sure to pack your travel first aid kit with this adrenaline junkie.

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12. Every day is a shuffle!


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The friend who has the power to turn the gloomiest place into a party! This one has all the prank ideas and games under their sleeves. They will have your itinerary but who cares when you get to Paaarrtyyy?? !!

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13. The one with a gastrointestinal disorder

Artistic patterns of stinking vomiting

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Barf! And your backseat is strewn with stinking vomit art patterns! Did you take a sharp turn? Do you drive on curvy mountain roads? Is the air conditioner very strong? Do you eat eggs for breakfast? keep wondering…

which of them are you Or do you have such friends? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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