10 travel tips in Sweden for your next Scandinavian vacation!

Sweden is a country that never fails to impress one. A gorgeous coastal belt, lush green parks, and great Scandinavian culture and history make it an irresistible destination for travelers. With different culture and styles followed here, planning a trip to Sweden can never be easy. A private guide with all the travel advice is a must when heading to Sweden for a holiday, so here are a few Sweden travel advice For you, it is sure to make the planning process a lot easier!

10 best Sweden travel tips

Planning to visit Sweden? Don’t forget to take our Sweden travel advice guide for a hassle-free trip. Keep scrolling down and reading to find out more!

1. Language

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Learning Swedish should definitely be on your to-do list, to learn the pronunciation of Swedish site names, money, basic travel questions and certainly food terms will come in very handy. If you plan to stick to the major tourist destinations in the country, you will be fine as they are well versed in English. But to explore and experience traditional Sweden, learning common Swedish phrases would be great.

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2. Season


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Summer time sees Sweden at its bustling best with crazy long days. The sun rises at 3:30 am and sets at 10:30 pm. But mid-summer is when the locals themselves take a break to enjoy the country, leaving their shops closed and possibly leaving you unattended if you’re there at that time. Therefore, you need to plan your vacation very carefully. Visiting Sweden in winter will be quite an adventure if you dare to risk it.

Loaded with suitable extreme cold clothing, thermal undergarments, waterproof socks, etc., you will be able to experience the magical side of Sweden. Staying at an Icehotel or Treehotel, watching the midnight sun, the Northern Lights, snowboarding, and snowboarding; All of this will be an experience of a lifetime.

3. Go cashless

Go without money

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The kronor is the national currency of Sweden. But you will find very few places in Sweden that handle cash. As a step to tighten security and stop tax evasion, the country decided to go cashless. From restaurants to bars, buses, and museums, you’ll find most places that handle cashless payment. So the first thing you need to know when traveling to Sweden is to prepare international credit cards and master cards.

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4. Transportation and sightseeing

Transportation and sightseeing

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A glance at any Sweden travel guide will let you know how expensive the country can be. Here, we can give you more Sweden travel tips to reduce your expenses. First and foremost, avoid hailing taxis. You would be better off looking for convenience in public transportation. It will be easier on your pocket, and buying a Tourist Card upon arrival will make your tourist travels easier.

These cards cover entrance fees to major tourist attractions including all museums, churches, etc. In addition, having metro passes and rail tickets will also save you a few kroners. For anyone traveling to Sweden on their own, renting bikes and bikes will be the most economical option.

5. Accommodation


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It is generally known that accommodation prices in Sweden are so expensive that crazy amounts are paid for bed linen. The famous Icehotel and Treehotel is sure to give you an exceptional experience, but it also comes at a price. A comfortable room with reasonable facilities will cost you up to 400-700 SEK, while if you are an outdoors person, wild camping all over Sweden is completely legal or having accommodation at a campsite will only cost you around 150 SEK.

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6. Food and water

Food and water

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It’s very hard not to dine at those expensive and chic restaurants that serve edible art that requires being photographed on Instagram before eating. But it will save you quite a bit of kroners if you choose street vendors and supermarkets to source your meals. In case you were wondering, there are plenty of Swedish vegetarian options available, too.
With Sweden’s prominent eco-friendly policy, bottled water is strictly forbidden. Tap water is known to be crystal clear and deliciously cold. You can definitely get it instead.

7. Alcohol and smoking

alcohol and smoking

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Restaurants and bars are expensive when it comes to buying alcohol, and here you won’t find drinks with more than 3% alcohol either. For alcoholics, the first thing you need to know when traveling to Sweden is to stock up on liquor early. If you wish to bring alcoholic beverages back to your hotel room, you will need to find the nearest government owned and operated Systembolaget liquor stores throughout Sweden.
Pro tip: Beer is the cheapest type of liquor in Sweden.
Shopping times: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

NB: Carrying valid proof of identification, it is illegal to purchase liquor for those under the age of 20. Smoking is prohibited in all public places and transportation

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8. Sweden Travel Safety Tips

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  • First and foremost, stick to the country’s rules in everything you do and wherever you go.
  • Swedes love their personal space, so don’t be too nice to them.
  • No respect for Swedish beer or anything local. They are extremely proud of themselves.
  • Don’t hang around late at night and keep your wallets in your front pocket.
  • Do not accept free rides from strangers.

9. Go island hopping

Go to the island

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Island hopping around the islands in Sweden can give you a refreshing change of scenery with quaint little villages full of rich heritage and plenty to do. Sweden’s archipelago consists of thousands of islands scattered across the country’s coast. You can take a ferry to the larger islands.

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10. Other Swedish travel tips

Other Swedish travel tips

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  • Pay to pee – Having 5/10kr on hand will come in handy in case you need to use public toilets.
  • Carry plastic wrap, reusable bags and bottles with you as Sweden is an environmentally friendly country.
  • Keep a queue and wait your turn.
  • Don’t be flashy. She will be scolded and shunned if she shows up in eye-catching outfits.

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Planning a trip to Sweden can be daunting with many details to take care of. We are here to make it easy for you with these 10 Sweden travel tips that will surely make your trip to a great extent hassle-free. So, pick up the guide, book your trip to Sweden with TravelTriangle and explore the beautiful country. Happy trip!

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Frequently asked questions about Swedish travel advice

What is the best time to visit Sweden?

May to September is the best time to visit Sweden. The weather is warm and pleasant. If you want to travel on a budget, late August to September is the best time. Also, to see the Northern Lights, you must visit anytime between late September and April.

What are the popular places to visit in Sweden?

Some of the best places to visit in Sweden are:
1. Stockholm
2. Gutenberg
3. Visby
4. Helsingborg
5. Kalmar

What are the top things to do in Sweden?

Some of the top things to do in Sweden are:
1. Enjoy horseback riding in Liseberg
2. Participated in the Valburgh Festival
3. Sample Swedish cuisine
4. Bike tour around the island of Fun
5. See the Northern Lights

What are the popular food dishes in Sweden?

Here are some popular Swedish food dishes:
1. Raggmunk
2. Crayfish August
3. Gravlax
4. Chives and sour cream

What are the most famous markets in Sweden?

Some of the popular markets in Sweden are:
1. Mercanad Hornstools
2. Malmö
3. Carla Lopes
4. Sodra Esplanaden
5. Kommerssen Loebmarknad

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