10 Essential Latvia Travel Tips One Must Keep In Mind!

Riga is undoubtedly the most famous city in Latvia due to its old towns, historic churches, cobblestone streets and abundance of stunning Art Nouveau buildings, but there is much more to Latvia than just its capital where its true beauty actually lies in the country’s stunning landscapes. But these meadows, marshes, etc. have their own ways and rules that must be followed.

10 essential tips for traveling in Latvia

So here are some Travel advice to Latvia So be prepared for everything before heading out to the small European country.

1. Getting around Latvia

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When you are in Latvia, the best way to travel and see the place is to use public transportation since it is affordable and trains and buses connect the major cities and towns in the country. Large cities such as Riga and Daugavpils have a convenient public transport system consisting of trolleybuses, trams and buses. Taxis are also relatively cheap, but renting a car can be expensive. But if you still rent a car, remember that local car rental companies are cheaper than international ones.

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2. Residence in Latvia

Residence in Latvia

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Of all Latvia travel advice, is a must point regarding housing. There are many hotels besides other accommodations in Riga and if you are here during the holiday season you can even get several luxury hotels for less as business travelers are often absent. A room in a guest house can cost around £6 but if you want something cheaper check out hostels which offer really great facilities for less.

3. Health


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Latvia travel advice They generally don’t include information about health, but you should know a few things so you can get the help you need when you need it. You will not need any vaccinations while traveling to Latvia, but the usual vaccinations for tetanus, hepatitis A and diphtheria are definitely recommended. If you are going camping here, there are risks of encephalitis from ticks. This tick problem increases during the months of May to September. If you are bitten by a wild animal, dog, or snake, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Snakes are not venomous in Latvia, except for the European adder, whose bite will surely lead to death if not treated in the next few hours. Dogs carry the risk of contracting rabies, although mosquitoes do not carry diseases and are usually only a nuisance.

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4. Respect


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Be careful while talking about Latvia in the USSR context of indigenous Latvians since Latvia became a province of the USSR after World War II and any praise of the Soviet regime will not be understood or appreciated by Latvians. Furthermore, he refrained from mentioning any linguistic, ethnic or sexual issues that could involve Russians or Latvians as it is a controversial topic. Other common courtesy tips include not littering as it is considered bad manners and you could even get fined.

5. Safety


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in between Things to know before visiting LatviaThis is a must have as it will help you navigate the roads better. Regarding the crime rates in Latvia, it has increased since Latvia separated from the Soviet Union, but it is still a safe country for travelers and you can travel on your own. On your part, always make sure that you don’t leave valuables or money in your hotel room and definitely don’t flaunt it in public. Also, keep your bike locked up. For extra safety measures, be careful on forest roads as collisions with wild animals can easily happen. This also happens when crossing the road because some drivers in the country can be reckless.

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6. Visit bars and restaurants

Visit bars and restaurants

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Whenever you make plans to visit any restaurant or bar, make sure you check the price before ordering and no matter how drunk you are, follow your spending so you can avoid being cheated. Beware of scammers who will try to start conversations with you right away and try to invite you to their favorite club or bar. This is a common way to rob foreigners. Be sure to check out the Latvian Police website, which contains detailed advice for foreigners.

7. Language


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The mother and national language here is known as Latvian and unlike Estonian, it is a Baltic language and forms part of the two remaining Baltic languages ​​spoken, the other being Lithuanian. But in the cities, people speak English, German and Russian as well. You will be comfortable knowing only English in Riga as it is the capital and receives a lot of tourists from English-speaking countries. But the farther away you are from big cities, the fewer people will be able to understand English, so be sure to leave at least some useful phrases so you can get help if things go wrong.

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8. Lido cafeterias

Lido cafeterias

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You will of course find restaurants that serve great authentic food of the region as well as expensive fine dining as well. But if you are looking for a cheap place to eat, you should definitely try LIDO cafeterias. These are popular lunch and dinner spots, and for as little as €7, you’ll enjoy a hearty meal with a dessert main and drinks. It’s not fine dining of course but it’s warm and most importantly – cheap. He will push you if you are in trouble.

9. The best time to visit Latvia

The best time to visit Latvia

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all Latvia travel guide and travel information He does not mention important information about the time of his visit. The time to end up in Latvia is definitely when the temperature is mild and that is during the months of April and June (spring) and also during the months of September and October (autumn). You are planning a summer trip, then keep in mind that temperatures can reach 30°C. As for the winters, the weather can also easily drop to -20°C. The rest of the months like August are also not good because you will experience heavy rains at that time. Plan your trip well, so that you can enjoy the place instead of being stuck in the steaming heat or freezing cold. Make sure to plan your travels by keeping in mind the holidays celebrated in Latvia as well so you don’t miss out on the festivities. A notable thing to note is Midsummer’s Day when people party into the night.

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10. Food and drink

Food and drink

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It is always advisable to know the eating habits of the place you are visiting so that you are not in a troublesome place when you get there. In Latvia, the cuisine consists of meat dishes with potatoes and rye bread. But you’ll also find dairy and fish here. As for drinks, there is what is called kvass, which is a non-alcoholic drink and consists of honey, fruits and yeast. But there is alcohol like balsam which is a bitter, black and thick liqueur made from cognac, orange peel and ginger.

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Latvia is a small country not to be missed and these tips will help you navigate the place better than before so that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible while on vacation in Europe

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