10 Bahamas travel tips you should swear by on your vacation

Seven hundred or so atolls nestled deep in the Atlantic, with radiant coastlines and in stackable blue skies, the Bahamas are stately and picturesque. The dazzling waters and crisp weather will make you fall in love. A very rich history with an interesting mix of different cultures, this place is made of and is for everyone. Here are 10 Bahamas travel tips for everyone visiting the Bahamas for the first time.

Top 10 tips for traveling in the Bahamas

While you’re here, here are some tips to make sure your trip runs smoothly and perfectly and there are no obstacles to your enjoyment. We hope this leads to a satisfying journey:

1. Be aware of bank timings

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Bank working hours are from Monday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. Automated teller machines are set up, usually in casinos and commercial banks. Most of the islands are equipped with ATM + Cirrus systems. The banking system is perfect and very convenient. However, to withdraw money and transfer notes, it would always be better to be prepared in advance and stick to the schedule.

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2. Be careful while in the boat

Take care

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There will be many activities involving boats. Make sure you have enough food and supplies, unless you are told otherwise. Make sure the people guiding you have a map or are very familiar with the surroundings. Make sure you have Coast Guard approved safety gear, and that the engine and everything else is maintained and running perfectly.

3. Leave the adapter at home

Leave the transformer at home

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The telecommunications services in the Bahamas are some of the best in the entire world. Digitizing allows you to connect with people in the United States, Canada, and many other countries from the comfort of a conference center or room. Fax, wireless rental, telex, satellite, internet, cellular and private line service are the other services offered by Bahamas Telephone Company (BTC). You can also use Wi-Fi to contact whomever you want with the help of apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Viber. The Wi-Fi also gives you access to Netflix and Amazon if you need some entertainment during road trips. Also, be sure to contact your cell phone service providers and find out the best plans for calling before you start traveling.

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4. Thermal pack

thermal pack

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Except for the cool evenings that last from December to February, when you need a jacket, you can wear your summer clothes for the rest of the time. Throw on stylish jackets or jackets when visiting the famous Bahamas restaurants and casinos in Nassau, Paradise Island and Freeport and some comfy beachwear for its pristine beaches. After you’re done at the beach, be sure to cover up your swimsuit with shorts or skirts. While you’re in a less remote area, you get a flexible dress code.

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5. Exchange money at the exchange office

Exchange money at the exchange office

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The Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the US dollar, so you can use either. Places like Nassau and Grand Bahamas Island also accept credit cards and travelers checks. Once in the Bahamas, you will find some things very familiar. The US dollar is not accepted, however, it is equal to the value of the Bahamian dollar.

6. Follow the right-hand drive system

Follow the right drive system

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The roads here follow a right-hand drive system so North Americans will encounter some difficulties. Alternatively, you can consider hiring taxis or other transportation facilities. On some of the major islands such as Nassau, Paradise Island, and Grand Bahamas, rail is available. Taxis are also available. Make sure you are well aware of the timetables and pay the counter concept in a row and commuting will not be an issue at all.

7. Eat local food

Eat local foods

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As far as tipping goes, the restaurant takes 15%. Many establishments include the gratuity in the total, so be sure to check your bill to see if it has already been added. Make sure you know the ingredients and dishes well before ordering too many dishes that will be local and therefore unfamiliar. Some of the most authentic and exquisite delicacies are cooked here, aroma wafting into the air, and a world of flavours. Eat to your heart’s content and don’t hold back.

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8. Book a flight in the spring

Book a trip in the spring

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Spring is most perfect, and not that any other season would hinder or lessen the charm of this place. Spring in the Bahamas lasts from late February to mid-April. You can spend your evenings at the beach enjoying the many sporting events and live music performances organized according to the spring break calendar. To find out more information about the activities happening in your area, you can consult the front desk of your hotel.

9. Follow the Eastern Time Zone

Eastern time

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The Bahamas follows the Eastern Time Zone. In the Bahamas, they have adopted a new DST policy since March 2007, which is the same as in many other developed countries such as Canada or the United States. Every year, on every second Sunday at 2 a.m. in March, daylight saving time begins and ends on the first Sunday at 2 a.m. in November.

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10. Keep the necessary papers handy

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Make sure you have all required documents when traveling abroad. Be prepared with the correct forms of identification and appropriate currency. Keep the necessary paperwork handy when you are at the customs office or during check-in. Also get your passport ready before your departure date to avoid any kind of trouble because getting a passport is a time consuming procedure. Make sure it is valid for six months after the trip. You may be required to show proof that you are returning home, so be sure you are ready to show your return plane ticket when entering the Bahamas.

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Unique sounds, vibrant colours, rich cuisine and warm culture, the heritage of this place is unparalleled. The Bahamas is authentic and amazing. Be sure to book a trip to the Bahamas soon. Click on the most amazing pictures and have fun, sunbathing and soaking up all the positivity and vibe of this place.

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Frequently asked questions about Bahamas travel advice

What should I avoid in the Bahamas?

One should avoid getting on the elevator from a stranger and leaving valuables by the pool while swimming during a trip to the Bahamas.

Do you tip in the Bahamas?

Staff usually expect a tip in the Bahamas and the tip is usually 15% here.

How many days do you need in the Bahamas?

One must plan a trip of at least 4 to 5 days to enjoy different places in the Bahamas.

Is the Bahamas expensive to travel to?

Yes, the Bahamas is one of the most expensive countries in the world to travel to.

Can you drink tap water in the Bahamas?

One can drink tap water in Nassau and Paradise Island and bottled water is readily available in the Bahamas.

When is the best time of year to go to the Bahamas?

The best time to visit the Bahamas is from December to April.

Can you use US dollars in the Bahamas?

Yes, US dollars are accepted in The Bahamas and their local currency is Bahamas dollars.

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